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Hi from CNN, I’m David Rind with the five things you need to know for Saturday October 15th. Let’s start with Georgia, where last night we saw the first and perhaps only debate between Herschel Walker and Senator Raphael Warnock as they vie for a pivotal seat in the US Senate. Many wondered how Walker would respond to allegations that he paid for a woman to have an abortion and encouraged the same woman to have another abortion two years later, all despite taking a hardline anti-abortion stance during the campaign. electoral. We should say that CNN has not independently verified the allegations against Walker, but in the News Nation debate, it did what it has been doing for weeks to deny.

Like I say, that’s a lie. And you know what? Most of the things that I put, I put in a book. One thing in my life is that I have been very transparent, not like the senator. He hid things. But at the same time, I said, that’s a lie. And on abortion, you know, I’m a Christian. I believe in life.

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Warnock didn’t really attack Walker for his apparent hypocrisy. Instead, he continued to advocate for women’s right to choose.

We are witnessing what is happening right now when politicians, mostly men, crowd into patient rooms. You get what you see right now. And the women of Georgia, the women of Georgia deserve a senator who will stand with them.

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Walker spent much of the debate trying to link Warnock to President Joe Biden.

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Let’s move on to the war in Ukraine. Yesterday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said there was no need for more massive strikes against Ukraine at this time. So much for that. Already today, Ukrainian officials claim that missiles and suicide drones bombarded the city of Zaporizhia while strikes on Kyiv damaged energy infrastructure. A senior Ukrainian official said in the past day alone that 11 civilians have been killed in Russian attacks.

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Employees at the Apple Store in Oklahoma City have voted to create the second union at the tech company’s U.S. stores. The victory comes just months after workers at an Apple store in Maryland made history by voting to unionize. During the preliminary vote count, 56 of the 88 participating employees agreed to be represented by the Communications Workers of America. Apple didn’t directly address the voting results, but in a statement, I quote: We believe the open, direct, and collaborative relationship we have with our valued team members is the best way to deliver a great experience. to our customers and our teams.

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Health officials are warning that this flu season could be brutal and is already gaining momentum. CNN’s Jacqueline Howard has more.

Jacqueline Howard


When you look at the percentage of samples from people going to the doctor’s office with respiratory symptoms, that percentage who tested positive for the flu was 3.1% in 2019 before COVID. Then in 2020, that percentage dropped to 0.2%. In 2021 it fell to 0.1%, and now it is up again around 3.3%. This is probably because we are no longer following COVID measures like masking and social distancing. And second, it could be because the last two flu seasons have been very mild. So we also might not have robust immunity right now.

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Experts say common-sense measures like washing your hands, not touching your face and mouth, and of course, getting a flu shot could help you avoid the worst.

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We will be back.

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Happy to see you again.

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What to do with art made by problematic artists? This question has been asked a lot in recent years, especially following the rise of the MeToo movement. Well, later this month, a TV show on Channel Four in the UK plans to literally put that question to the test. The principle is quite simple. Show host Jimmy Carr will lead a discussion on whether art can be separated from its artist. Artists in this case, according to British media, include Adolf Hitler. And then the public will vote on whether Carr should destroy their work. A spokesperson for the show said a painting made by Hitler would be shredded if the public agrees. And that doesn’t sit well with the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust. In a statement, the group accused the show of making light-hearted entertainment about Hitler and said it was dangerous to trivialize the Holocaust. They also criticized Carr’s choice as host after he made a joke earlier this year about Roma being killed in the Holocaust in the Netflix special. CNN has contacted representatives for Jimmy Carr for comment, but Channel Four is ready. Jimmy Carr destroys the art, saying the show is, quote, a thoughtful and nuanced exploration of the limits of free speech and art.

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OK. That’s all for the moment. We’ll be back at 3 p.m. EST with more news. Talk to you later.

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