10 Best Android Games on Google Play Store

When it comes to Android mobile games available on the Google Play Store, we are spoiled for choice. It’s almost hard to narrow down the best ones, as there’s no shortage of games to choose from, no matter what genre you prefer. So here is our pick of the most popular games on the Play Store. We picked a mix of first-person shooters, puzzles, card games, strategy games, and more. Most are free, so sit back, relax, and let us do the recommending work for you.

League of Legends: Savage Rift

League of Legends: Wild Rift is a 5v5 MOBA fighting game. The mobile version has been redesigned with revamped commands and new mappings. You can team up with friends for tournaments and league championship titles. It was nominated as one of the best competitive Android games of the year on the Google Play Store and is free to play. The best thing is that it comes without any ads.

Dead Trigger 2

It’s a first-person zombie shooter, and you guessed it right; a favorite among netizens. It is described as a “non-stop FPS Action Zombie Shooter” game by the Play Store developers. It has an impressive 110 million downloads to date. It has short mission gameplay, which is conducive to mobile game.

Asphalt 9: Legends

It is a multiplayer street car racing game from Gameloft SE. There’s great sound to accompany high-octane race cars with intuitive controls. The highlight is 53 real car models registered by manufacturers.

Labyrinth Machine

This is a turn-based puzzle game. The goal is to escape the battlefield with the tiles having superpowers to pass on to whoever stands on them. You might get a sword, the ability to freeze, or other ammo. Your move displaces others on the board, making it a tough deal. Maze Machina requires a chess-like strategy and thinking power to perform the moves.

rummy circle

Rummy Circle is one of the most popular Indian online rummy games on play store. Rummy is one of India’s favorite card games, and the online version of rummy attracts millions of players every day. There are over 30 million registered Rummy Circle players, and you can play Indian rummy online with the best of them. One can participate in tournaments and contests, which increases the level of engagement.

RummyCircle Play rummy game

Moreover, all transactions on the platform are safe and secure. The platform offers a personalized gaming experience with access to skill measurement data that helps with strategy. the online rummy game is like the offline version.


If we talk about card games, Solitaire cannot be left out. Many versions of the game, from the classic variety to Solitaire Grand Harvest which combines the card game with Farmville, are offered. Solitaire has over 50 million downloads and is free to play with in-app purchases if you wish. It has been declared number 1 Klondike solitaire game on Android.

Among us

It is a simple multiplayer game which is very popular among the young generation. Team members are stuck on a spaceship and have tasks to complete. The problem is that there is an impostor among you. Once someone is declared an impostor, that person must kill everyone. Players can even kick a member based on evidence and a majority vote.


A popular evergreen game, it has a retro “building” appeal. Let your imagination run wild to create a simple box housing a castle. The mobile version supports cross-play, which means you can connect with friends on consoles and PCs.


Vainglory is a MOBA game similar to the very competitive DOTA 2.
The premise is the same; a race among a team of ace hero shooters to take control of mapped areas. Team members or heroes have their own quirks and weaknesses, which either add or detract from the strength of the team. So, just like in real life, all must come together to plot a victory.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a pleasant surprise. It is an indie game that has captured hearts with its unique design. It is a peasant game that is woven throughout the socio-cultural milieu of existence. There are battles, skirmishes, crafting, and simple interactive games to play.

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