11 Easy Ways To Get Free Online Content Today


11 Easy Ways To Get Free Online Content Today

It’s amazing how much more your budget can go if you get a bunch of stuff for free. You just have to know where to look.

We’ve done the hard work for you and found these 11 places to get everything from food and diapers to gift cards, without paying a dime.

Now it’s your turn to take on the challenge: How much can you get for free this month?

1. Listen to recordings of today’s bestsellers

Love a good audiobook to help you fall asleep at night or to listen while driving to work in the morning? Sign up for a 30-day free trial with Audiobooks.com.

You will receive your first book for free, along with two bonus books from the VIP selection and unlimited access to audio news, magazines, summaries and the sleep and meditation section.

After your trial is over, it costs $ 14.95 per month to enjoy an audiobook and bonus VIP book each month.

2. Earn free shares in companies like Apple or Zynga

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Several investing apps will give you free stock just for signing up.

However, some of these gifts are worth more than others.

When you sign up for a free account with Robin Hood, you will get a randomly selected share from the most popular stocks on the platform. Most users get a share worth between $ 2.50 and $ 10, but a lucky few will get a share worth up to $ 225.

A fresh Robinhood account no commission fees. The app makes it easy to start investing, whether you want to make your own trades or use ready-made funds designed to meet your investment goals.

3. Fill up on free infant formula

Sign up for Similac Strong Moms Rewards Program to get up to $ 400 in free plan samples, coupons, and other perks throughout the year.

You can sign up for freebies based on your baby’s needs, including Alimentum for Allergic Babies and NeoSure for Premature Babies.

4. Save money, get free gift cards

15% discount card is a lot of discount cards

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Shopping in the capital is a free browser extension that you should bring when browsing a large site like Amazon. The extension will instantly check the price of the items you are viewing on other online retailers on the internet. It even takes into account taxes and shipping costs.

Then when you are ready to pay, it will automatically try to apply the discount codes that have worked for its other users in the past to your order.

On top of all this, Capital One Shopping tells you when you can get extra cash back for your purchases at a particular store (like Walmart or eBay), and you can use your cash back. in the form of free gift cards.

5. Try the free loose tea

Open Door Tea is a family-run, female-run teahouse in Stratford, Connecticut. In addition to the tasty meals and craft drinks on site, the company sells loose tea and tea items online – and they’re happy to let you ‘try before you buy’.

Order up to three free tea samples of any variety (subject to availability) and pay shipping costs only.

A sample bag includes two to four servings of tea, so these samplers could allow you to go through many fancy tea parties.

6. Get free cloth diapers

Apply with Share the Love to get a free set of washable diapers for your baby.

Low-income families who receive assistance through programs such as WIC or TANF may be eligible for free diapers through this program from the CEO of the Cotton Babies cloth diaper company.

You can pick up your free diapers from a host near you or have them mailed for a nominal shipping charge. You will get the diapers on loan for an extended period and will need to return them by a set date to potentially receive a new set as your baby grows.

7. Check your credit score for free at any time

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Credit bureaus are only required to send you a free credit report once every 12 months – and be warned, this report does not include your credit score.

But you can see your credit score and up-to-date credit report for free in two minutes using Sesame Credit.

You can sign up for Credit Sesame with just an email address (no credit card information required). You’ll need to enter some personal information to retrieve your credit history, but don’t worry: the company is BBB A + rated and uses bank-grade security to protect your financial data.

With a free account, you’ll see your credit score and credit history presented in an easy-to-understand “credit report card” that shows you exactly how to maintain or improve your score. In addition, you get free credit monitoring to alert you to important changes to your report, including potential fraud or identity theft.

8. Give your child free books (courtesy Dolly Parton)

Dolly Parton is a national treasure – for more than her dazzling looks and sparkling clothes.

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library sends free books to 0-5 year olds all over the world.

Sign up for a program in your area to receive a free children’s book in the mail each month. Your children will love receiving the package in the mail and discovering their new book.

9. Get free products for various hair and skin types

ThePinkPanel is a consumer testing panel for women and non-binary people in the United States that sends you free makeup, hair, skin care, and personal care products to test at home.

Complete this survey to register and let the company know the types of products you are interested in.

If you are approved, you will get product samples to use at home in exchange for feedback. For some products, you will even get paid for your comments in addition to the freebies.

10. Get up to $ 35 of free baby items from Amazon


Set up a baby registry on amazon, and you’ll receive a free welcome box with up to $ 35 worth of baby and parent fun stuff.

The contents of your box are a surprise, so we cannot say for sure what you will receive. But we do know that baby registry gifts usually include free samples or life-size versions of things like formula, bottles, diapers, nursing supplies, and more.

An Amazon Baby Registry also includes the ability to list items from other sites, facilitate group gifts, and get a 10% discount on items left on your registry after all gifts have been purchased.

11. Nab 10 free reusable breast pads

No one says your nursing accessories can’t be fun and fashionable. Breast pads manufactures 100% cotton, machine washable and reusable nursing pads with beautiful designs.

You can get 10 pairs for free with the promo code 1FRUGALBÉBÉ.

The code gives you up to $ 35 off your order. To get 10 free pairs, order five packs of four (two pairs each) and enter the code at checkout. You may need to pay for shipping, and you can also choose whether or not to pay $ 0.98 for shipping protection.

This article provides information only and should not be construed as advice. It is provided without warranty of any kind.


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