9 ideas to make virtual weddings memorable for online guests

Having a wedding does not necessarily mean having all the participants in one physical location. Technological advancements have enabled virtual weddings.

Virtual weddings have eliminated the need to have friends and family travel around the world to celebrate weddings together. In recent times, people can organize a virtual wedding where each person can be part of the celebration wherever they are in the world.

However, to make the wedding more memorable, you need to have more than just a camera, a computer, and streaming software. Here are some ideas that can make your virtual wedding memorable for your online guests:

1. Send food, drinks, decorations and other favors in advance

Much like offering a welcome basket to your out-of-town guests, sending party favors such as a basket of pre-wedding items can put your guests in the party mood. Some things you could include are bridal shower gifts such as balloons or banners, personalized creations, a bottle of champagne, special snacks, cookbooks for couples, a small floral centerpiece, a fun favor or a unique item.

These pre-wedding items show how special your online guests are to you, making the gesture memorable for them. You can even have a zoom background that everyone can use.

2. Create designated locations for your video equipment

While prepare for the ceremony, find a perfect place for your tablet, camera or computer that will broadcast the events of your event. You need to make sure that the venue you select gives your guests a clear, unobstructed view of everything going on at the event.

If the setup needs to change at some point between the ceremony and the reception, it would be wise to get a perfect spot for each location.

3. Hire a technical coordinator and a master of ceremonies

You must have at least two people to help you live stream the wedding event. Live streaming can be hectic and requires experts. Therefore, hiring a technology coordinator would ensure that the live stream is running smoothly, virtual guests see all procedures clearly, and resolve any issues.

The coordinator also ensures that everyone is muted where appropriate and that there is a direct line of communication with the support staff. Having a master of ceremonies is also essential as you would need someone to lead the activities and games that online guests could play.

4. Organize a pre-party

9 ideas to make virtual weddings memorable for online guests

Let the party start early. The best part of having ceremonies like weddings is the chance for people to reconnect with loved ones they haven’t seen in years. Even for a virtual wedding, people can be eager to see each other through software like zoom.

By giving them some time to chat and reconnect before the wedding, your online guests will feel appreciated. If your schedule is tight, you can hire a host to host games or create breakout rooms where your guests can hang out.

5. Play games

Your virtual wedding can be fun and unique by incorporating easy-to-play games in a virtual hangout, like who knows the couple best, or online games like JackBox. Including games in your virtual wedding can turn out to be a fun bonding experience for your virtual guests.

6. Include a virtual lounge at the reception

Making sure your online guests have the best seats makes the event memorable for them. Everyone wants to see every detail of the event. Therefore, asking your venue coordinator to set up an audio-visual component where in-person family members can communicate with your guests online would make them feel more included in your wedding plans.

7. Initiate a dance party

Your online guests must be in a festive mood since they are attending an event. Creating a platform where your guests can let loose could be a clever way to include them at your wedding. You can get a system that can stream event music to your virtual guests and let them do some movement. It can be a fun way to make the wedding memorable for your online attendees.

8. Display a slideshow

While waiting for the event to start or during breaks, you can view a slideshow with childhood photos from the events of the newlyweds and throughout their relationship. This can be a unique way to bond with online guests as they would know more about the couple’s love journey.

9. Thank your guests directly online

9 ideas to make virtual weddings memorable for online guests

It would be a great idea to check in and thank your online guests for celebrating with you. Today’s schedule may be hectic, but creating time to thank your loved ones for being at your virtual wedding can mean a lot to them.


Weddings are known to be in-person gatherings to celebrate a loved one. However, having a virtual wedding can be just as fun as an in-person wedding. The plan above shows how you can make your virtual wedding memorable for your online guests.

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