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Belfast-based online pop rock station Eirewave now offers an Ogg FLAC stream, delivering lossless CD-quality sound through any computer’s web browser, VLC or any music streamer.

Eirewave is an exciting new radio station dedicated solely to playing pop rock from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. It aims to share the joys of music by maintaining a unique loyalty to its music and its listeners, streaming for free without commercial breaks. The station is determined to reach even more ears, with plans to broadcast on DAB in Glasgow from August 2022, Belfast from Q3 2022, and new frequencies planned in Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Edinburgh and Cardiff the following year. Eirewave is also working hard to secure a free slot in London, despite the notorious difficulty in doing so.

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Eirewave says it brings the heart and soul of British and Irish culture to ears around the world. The station goes on to say that, as diverse as they are, Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland are united to produce some of the best pop rock talent in the world, which the station has set out to mission to share.

Station founder Olivier Mauxion says British and Irish music is about community – it’s the pub soundtrack and the buzz of the growing crowd of buskers. The station claims to honor the unity that brings music to life, pumping out non-stop tunes that listeners can enjoy together. The idea is that when you tune into Eirewave, you become part of the crowd at your favorite band’s concert, joining a group of listeners enjoying the same track simultaneously. You might be miles apart, but you’ll join a community of pop rock fans, all tapping your toes to the same tune.

Speaking of the launch of Eirewave on terrestrial frequencies, founder Olivier Mauxion said: “To compete in the crowded radio market, Eirewave needed to offer a unique format, providing an alternative to mainstream radio offerings. Eirewave delivers music to its listeners through both streaming and the Internet, with the two technologies complementing each other. Mauxion adds that to compete with other music platforms such as Spotify, Eirewave is a commercial-free station. “The traditional business model of radio broadcasting 15 minutes of advertising per hour has become obsolete and unattractive to commercial-free platforms,” ​​Mauxion says, noting that the station has new ideas to monetize that don’t compromise the experience. listening.

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