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OWhen Adam LeBlanc isn’t wooing street festival crowds by singing Jenny’s famous phone number, he’s DJing at nightclubs, including Beauty Bar and Berlin. And when the Lake View resident wants to decompress, he hops on his bike and sets off to seek inspiration. “I’m a very sensory person,” he says. “The tastes, the sights, the sounds – they excite me. They fuel my creativity. I love music, I love to cook and I love to dress up. His bike rides often take him to his favorite shops, where he enjoys chatting with merchants and unearthing rare finds.

Photography: Michael Zajakowski

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1433 W. Chicago Avenue, West Town

“This shop is as eclectic as its owner, who is one of the most colorful characters you will ever meet. It’s a curated collection of cocktail glasses, dresses, jackets, jewelry, retro ashtrays – a bit of everything.


Gray wool overcoat (on LeBlanc, above) “I got this at one of their monthly parties, when they brought some PBR and a few bottles of whiskey. I wore this to my wedding last winter. makes me feel glamorous, like I’m in New York in the 70s.” $75

Rattleback Recordings

Rattleback Recordings

5405 N. Clark Street, Andersonville

A Donna Summer record and an Audio-Technica turntable
Photography: (turntable) Audio-Technica; (album) Adam LeBlanc


1. Donna Summer The dance collection “This double LP is one of my holy grails. It took me a few years to find it.” $75

2. Audio-Technica AT-LP120XUSB “It’s a direct drive, so if you want to practice scratching, you can. It’s a bit more affordable than other turntables. $330

epic spices

1725 W. Chicago Avenue, West Town

“The owner is a connoisseur who will tell you all about the different kinds of cinnamon sticks he grinds. Their custom spice blends are truly next level.

Spices from Epic Spices
Photography: Michael Zajakowski


1. Marisa’s Red Recado “This blend of citrus and chili flavors is the perfect summer complement to any good cut of chicken or pork.” $6.25

2. Freeze-dried shallots “They’re chopped – easy to toss into a quick salad to add extra dimension and flavor.” $4.25

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