After seeing this concept, a Tesla App Store can’t come soon enough

Credit: @deleetdesign/Twitter

Several rumors surfaced this month that Tesla was working on developing its own App Store and preparing to launch it this year.

The idea of ​​an App Store is not only intriguing for owners, but also for investors, as it opens up the possibility of another major revenue stream.

With no official word from Tesla on the matter, a fan created a concept that makes us wish the Tesla App Store was already here.

Created by CHROME DELEET (@deleetdesign), the concept resembles the design of Apple’s App Store, but shows how useful it can be to have a third-party app in our cars.

One potential use case is being able to download an app for a restaurant and place an order on your mall screen while plugged into a Supercharger.

Taking advantage of the same connectivity that allows you to be billed automatically for the charging session, your restaurant bill is also debited seamlessly to the same account.

The designer also shows how third-party apps could be integrated into the vehicle’s user interface (UI).

Using the Aubible audiobook and podcast service as an example, the app would be added to the list of available audio sources.

The concept also shows how a Tesla App Store could allow owners to install widgets that could display information at a glance, such as maps that were removed with the V11 software update.

If the name CHROME DELEET sounds familiar to you, that’s because we’ve covered two of its other concepts here on Driving Tesla. One was on how the V11 UI could be reworked, and another to show how a weather layer could make traveling on the road much easier.

Hopefully Tesla has seen some of these concepts and incorporates them into their designs. Or better yet, Tesla should offer CHROME DELEET a job because he clearly has some great ideas.

You can check out the demo in the video below.

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