Alvvays shares “Very Online Guy” and “Belinda Says” videos

Just weeks away from their highly anticipated third studio album, blue revAlvvays has shared a pack of two new songs.

“Two new lambs for the cultural volcano! Another sweet sip of alcopop dedicated to table-wiping girls called ‘Belinda Says’ and the switched electronic dream ‘Very Online Guy’,” Alvvays said in a statement.

The songs are accompanied by two visuals, both made by the band. On “Very Online Guy,” lead singer Molly Rankin takes aim at an Internet answering machine. Video and audio are digitally distorted, triggering the viewer’s AOL memories PTSD.

“Belinda Says” pays homage to Belinda Carlisle and its accompanying visual, a moving portrait, takes viewers back to the MuchMusic days of the 80s, especially with the punchy electric guitar riffs throughout.

“We painted and shot the video for ‘Belinda Says’ in our living room,” the band said. “We made a mosaic mode video for ‘VOG’ with our video guru friend Colby. It was easily the funniest thing we’ve ever shot. Enjoy our goofy collage of aliased key clicks and jamming dance steps on your CRTs.

Check out the videos for “Very Online Guy” and “Belinda Says” above.

blue rev was released 10/7 via Polyvinyl. Pre-register it here.

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