“An American company confident in the integrity of the gang”

ISLAMABAD: Social media warriors still feuding over content and intent of alleged audio clip of former Chief Justice Saqib Nisar posted by US-based digital media platform nearly sixty hours ago .

Internet users are increasingly calling for an independent investigation preferably carried out by the judiciary itself to clear its name after verifying the contents of the recording and a bipartite review of related incidents involving judicial officers who handled cases of dismissal of the former Prime Minister The government of Nawaz Sharif.

Opinions abound in equal numbers that view the broadcast of the recording and the ensuing pressure on justice to be deliberately orchestrated by Nawaz Sharif and his supporters. As ministers and government advisers jump into the fray on the side of the former chief justice, pro-government social media activists have raised questions about the veracity of the recording and its contents.

Ahmad Noorani, the reporter who revealed the story, tweeted on Monday, saying, “Every word a person has spoken can be discovered in their previous speeches and speeches. I published the forensic audio report by a credible organization. The only way to dismiss it is to produce a forensic report of the audio I posted and prove it to be fake.

He told a webcast Monday night that he had owned the tape for more than two months and took every possible precaution to have it examined by experts to rule out any infringement.

Noorani said Garret Discovery, a leading US company specializing in multimedia forensics, examined the tape. He said the audio tape was only released after experts at the company were convinced of the integrity of the audio file and gave the go-ahead saying that “the audio was not altered d ‘no way”.

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