Apple settles high-profile app store developer lawsuit

Apple has reportedly settled a lawsuit brought by a high profile developer and App Store critic.

As reported by TechCrunch, Kosta Eleftheriou has sued Apple for claiming the company has a monopoly on the iOS App Store and app distribution, leading Apple to refuse to approve updates to its popular FlickType keyboard app, even deleting the app at some point. Eleftheriou claims this may be due to Apple’s failed attempt to acquire his software.

High profile

Eleftheriou also said that this app was the target of plagiarism, with scammers scamming unsuspecting iPhone users with clone apps of his idea, which were endorsed by Apple despite his own app being rejected on the grounds that it offered users a “poor user experience”.

The terms of the case’s rejection are not known, but as the TC report notes “it is hard to imagine that the developer would have agreed to reject the case if the terms were not at least somewhat acceptable. “. Along with his lawsuit, Eleftheriou offers Twitter commentary on numerous App Store scams and mishaps, including a crypto scam app that cost a user $600,000.

The idea that Apple has a monopoly over its iOS App Store is the basis of several legal challenges and burgeoning legislation aimed at limiting that power. While Apple maintains that it needs absolute control in order to protect users from scams and ensure that it can successfully collect payment as a reward for its efforts, many have pointed to the poor quality of certain apps on the store and the persistence of scam apps like these. pointed out by Eleftheriou as proof that this is not the case.

As today’s report notes, Eleftheriou’s work was even cited by the Senate during a 2021 antitrust hearing, where Apple was asked why it couldn’t locate the scams Eleftheriou had. shown to be “trivially easy to identify”.

Eleftheriou told TechCrunch he was unable to comment on the terms of the settlement.

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