Asda tests the GoodMaps orientation app at the Stevenage store | New

A referral app that can guide users to specific products and store landmarks is being tested at Asda Stevenage.

The supermarket has partnered with GoodMaps to map the store and make it available on the app.

The app can pinpoint a user’s location to within one meter and communicate directions to an object or area via magnified audio, visual, and touch controls.

GoodMaps worked with Asda to generate a digital replica of the Stevenage store, created using LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging).

The GoodMaps app is for people who are blind and visually impaired to help them navigate an indoor space, but Asda said anyone can use it.

“Although the app has a clear benefit for buyers with disabilities, the usability of the app is not limited to people who are blind or visually impaired,” said a spokesperson for Asda.

Shoppers can search for “landmarks” within the store such as the drugstore, washrooms and checkouts, but the app can also be used to search for products with the “goal of guiding the customer as close as possible to the store. item he is looking for. looking, ”Asda said.

“We strive to be an inclusive business and that includes making it easier for all of our customers to shop in one of our stores. We hope that by working with GoodMaps, we can understand how we can improve the in-store experience for our blind and visually impaired customers, ”said Kane Stephenson, Head of Inclusion at Asda.

Earlier this week, The Grocer revealed that M&S ​​was scheduled to test an augmented reality-based orientation app at its Food Hall in Westfield London, White City. The Fmcg brands are also working to improve product discovery for blind and visually impaired shoppers through the inclusion of colorful QR code-like images on their packaging, which when scanned by an app called NaviLens, provide product information and other content.

“Recognizing not only business value in providing an enhanced retail experience to buyers, but also the ethical stance taken by Asda in this regard, has been both humbling and demonstrative of a corporate culture determined to make their not only inclusive but truly exceptional. for everyone, ”said Neil Barnfather, Vice President Europe at GoodMaps.

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