Audio file metadata editor available on Mp3tag, MacOS


Mp3tag is one of the most popular audio metadata editing apps for Windows. It works with many audio formats and has advanced tools to help users organize music metadata better. The good news (good, not too much; you know the reason in the last paragraph): The MP3 tag finally arrives on Mac by offering the official app available on the Mac App Store.

Available on Mp3tag macOS

In addition to the possibility of editing musical information, the application MP3 tag Allows you to do this for albums, podcasts, and other audio files. Thus, artist, music title, album, year, genre, composer, description and many other metadata can be placed.

Most regular users who subscribe to streaming services like Apple Music do not need to change the metadata of the audio files. But this is especially important for professionals like DJs, people who want to organize their music library (like your beloved editor), and people who create podcasts to make sure their audio files contain all the data. Artists, genres, composers …

Mp3tag Night Mode The popular Mp3tag audio file metadata editor is now available on macOS

In addition to files in MP3 format, the application MP3 tag Also supports FLAC, OGG, OPUS, AIF, DSF, MPC, WAV, MP4 and M4V files. You can drag one or more audio files into the app to edit the metadata for each. Allows the app to change title, artist, album, year, genre, composer, album number and artwork of multiple audio files with just a few clicks.

Another cool feature is available MP3 tag Integration with third party online services that provide music databases such as Discox and MusicPrines. The function allows Download all the information about a song or album in seconds and automatically add it to audio files.

However, a “big” snack: Application MP3 tag Available on the Mac App Store for. 21.99. You can change Mp3tag official website Download the seven-day trial version; The application on Windows is free, completely free.

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