Balenciaga opens a smoked glass couture boutique under a historic workshop in Paris

Fashion house Balenciaga has opened a couture boutique with smoked glass paneled walls in the same building as its original couture salon in Paris.

The store is located beneath Balenciaga’s historic atelier at 10 avenue George V, which has recently been refurbished to exactly replicate the interior of the original couture salon which was first opened in 1937.

The interior of the store was clad in tinted glass

“The newly renovated space at 10 avenue George V is dedicated to preserving Balenciaga’s heritage in its original couture location, first opened in 1937, as well as creating a couture ‘today,” the brand said.

The design of the store below the couture salon was created by Sub, a longtime collaborator of Balenciaga, a Berlin-based architecture studio founded by Niklas Bildstein Zaar and Andrea Faraguna.

Interior image of a smoked glass wardrobe in Balenciaga's Couture boutique
The store is located in the same building as Balenciaga’s original couture salon

The store’s exterior is marked by oversized Balenciaga signage, a nod to 20th-century Balenciaga branding that also stands apart from the narrow, sans serif typeface that currently identifies the brand.

Under the signage, four arched openings frame plunging curtains that the brown-tinted glazing gives to the golden tint.

Interior image of a gray hued fitting room at the Balenciaga Couture store
Gray curtain area spaces throughout the store

The interior of the couture store echoes Balenciaga’s concept of raw architecture, which has been applied internationally to the interior of its stores, but this edition has been clad in stained glass panels instead of concrete .

Between unfinished but glass-covered walls, ash-colored curtains conceal carpeted areas while crinkled leather ottomans have been placed throughout the two-story store.

Wrought iron railings and a curved marble staircase, with split glass panels all around, hint at the building’s history and the old decor and interior layout of the workshop above.

“The concept of the couture boutique is a gateway to couture, which remains a very closed universe, especially for new generations,” said Balenciaga CEO Cédric Charbit.

Interior image of the first floor of the Balenciaga Couture boutique
Remnants of the store’s history have been incorporated into the design

“In this new store, products, bespoke services and retail excellence are a reimagining of the Balenciaga customer experience,” said Charbit.

“It’s exciting to be able to present this level of craftsmanship, creativity and know-how made in France in our historic address.”

Image of interior with mirrors surrounding store columns and racks
Balenciaga’s couture workshop is located above the store

Metal shelves were decorated with couture items, ranging from craftsmanship to technology, from the brand’s latest Fall Winter 2022 couture show.

Items on display include his speaker bag, which was created in collaboration with Danish audio brand Bang & Olufsen.

Earlier in 2022, Balenciaga wrapped its Mount Street boutique in London in bright pink faux fur to celebrate its Le Cagole bag.

Photography courtesy of Balenciaga.

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