Best Blink Camera Deals for January 2022

Blink smart home security cameras are popular and always in demand because they offer features, performance and value. We’ve lined up today’s best Blink camera deals to save you time and hassle if you’re looking for home security camera deals. Whether you’re installing your first smart home security setup or adding to an existing system, Blink’s wireless and wired cameras are simple to install and integrate well with other Amazon Alexa-enabled components. Even at list price, Blink cameras offer full value, but when you can find amazing deals on Blink cameras like the ones below, don’t hesitate.

Blink sells two indoor cameras, one wireless and one with a USB power cord, as well as an outdoor wireless model that can also be used indoors. When you add one of the Blink cameras to your Amazon Alexa setup, you can view live video and stored video clips from the cameras on any Alexa-enabled smart home display, Fire TV, or smartphone. You can use Blink cameras with or without optional cloud storage, but if you want the convenience of cloud storage, it’s only $3 per month or $10 per month for up to 10 cameras. You can check them out below, along with the best Blink camera deals.

Today’s best Blink camera deals

Blink Mini Wired 1080p Indoor Wi-Fi Security Camera: $35
Blink Wired 1080p Mini Indoor Wi-Fi Security Camera 2-Pack: $65
Blink Wireless Indoor 1080p 1-Camera System: $80
Blink 3-cam 1080p Wireless Outdoor Camera Kit: $250
Blink 5-cam 1080p Wireless Outdoor Camera Kit: $380

This system includes a synchronization module and 3 Blink wireless outdoor cameras. Protect indoor or outdoor spaces with live video, two-way talk, motion detection, local storage, and up to two years of battery life.


If you already have a set of Blink Outdoor camera systems installed in your space, you may want to purchase this additional camera instead. Note that this add-on does not include the Blink Sync module.


Blink Outdoor is a wireless security camera that you can easily install in your home. The 2 camera kit has a long battery life and can withstand different elements when you place it outside.


Blink Mini wired indoor Wi-Fi cameras include two-way talk and infrared night vision. View live video or recorded clips via subscription or local storage on a Blink Sync Pod (not included).


Two Blink Mini wired indoor Wi-Fi cameras include two-way talk and infrared night vision. View live video or recorded clips via subscription or local storage on a Blink Sync Pod (not included).


Use this Blink Wireless Outdoor Companion Camera to protect indoor or outdoor space with live video, two-way talk, motion detection, and up to two years of battery life. Requires synchronization module (not included).


This system includes a synchronization module and a Blink wireless outdoor camera. Protect indoor or outdoor space with live video, two-way talk, motion detection, local storage, and up to two years of battery life.


This kit of 3 wireless cameras has a two-year battery life and effective motion detection. It can be installed indoors and outdoors in minutes.


Make controlling your smart home more convenient and efficient with the Echo Show 5. It even comes with a Blink camera system for added security.


Flashing outdoor camera

Blink 1080p wireless outdoor security camera installed on an exterior wall.

You can run the Blink Outdoor Camera for up to two years on a set of two AA batteries, meaning this weatherproof 1080p wireless camera is easy to set up anywhere you want, as long as it’s within range of your Wi-Fi network. Key features include two-way audio, infrared night vision and motion detection within an adjustable field of view. If you don’t want the camera to start recording every time a car passes by, for example, use your phone’s configuration software to block that part of the field of view. Like the Blink Wireless Indoor Camera, the outdoor version requires connection with a Blink Sync Module.

Flashing interior camera

Blink 1080 Wireless Indoor Security Camera mounted on an interior wall.

The Blink Indoor Camera is also a snap to mount on a shelf, wall, or any indoor location. The indoor camera has a two-year battery life, night vision, and two-way audio. You can use this camera as a baby cam, homework monitor camera (if you’re really sneaky), or as part of a conventional home security setup. You can configure all three Blink camera models to alert you on a smartphone when they start recording when they detect motion. You can view live video and store recorded clips on a memory card on the sync module.

Flashing mini camera

Blink wired 1080p mini indoor security camera sitting on a granite counter.

The Blink mini camera is the cheapest model. It has a USB power cable instead of battery operation, so you never have to remember to replace batteries. If you already have a Blink Sync Module and other Blink cameras, you can add Blink Mini Cameras to the system, but a Sync Module is not required — without an associated Sync Module, there is no local storage with the Blink Mini Camera. For the easiest setup, just connect the Blink Mini Camera to your Wi-Fi network, then connect to it with the Blink Home smartphone app. Like the Blink Wireless models, the Blink Mini Camera supports two-way talk, motion detection, and night vision.

How to Choose a Blink Security Camera

If you’ve decided to set up your home with a range of Blink security cameras, you have a few simple choices to make. Rather than start thinking about which cameras to buy and how many, think about the areas inside and outside your home that you want to protect or monitor. The best way to save the most with Blink camera deals is to know how to allocate cameras to different uses.

One of the best features of Blink security cameras is that they all work together. Even the Blink Mini indoor camera, which is the only model that can only work with a Wi-Fi connection and a smartphone app, can be part of a system that also incorporates a Blink synchronization module to manage multiple cameras and for local storage of video clips. .

If you only want one or two Blink cameras for indoor locations within reach of power outlets, the Blink Indoor Mini Camera is a great choice. You can name each camera separately and monitor them through the smartphone app. If you want to install a Blink camera indoors, but there is no power outlet within reasonable range, the Blink Indoor Camera is your best bet. The indoor camera costs a little less than the outdoor model. Of course, if you want to install one or more Blink cameras outdoors, you will need to choose the Blink Outdoor Camera. If money is no object, purchasing all Blink outdoor cameras for indoor and outdoor use gives you the most flexibility if you later decide to change camera locations. The Blink Outdoor Camera is the most expensive in the range, but still a bargain at list price compared to many other brands.

You’ll definitely want to keep an eye out for Blink camera sales, because usually when they go on sale, all three models and all configurations go on sale at the same time. You can purchase bundled sets of Blink Indoor Cameras and Blink Outdoor Cameras with an included sync module as a single-camera system in two-, three-, and five-camera sets. Bundles only include indoor cameras or outdoor cameras, not a mix. As always, when looking for Blink camera sales, the best deal is one that includes the items you need in the right amount and that fits your budget.

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