Blaze Audio launches a line of full-array DSP amplifiers with app-based setup and easy setup of multi-zone audio systems.

Copenhagen, Denmark, February 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The PowerZone connection series of commercial amplifiers are designed to make life easier for AV installers and system integrators. Once the amps are installed – it’s simple to connect to the built-in Wi-Fi, open the browser-based control app – then configure any system, easily configuring your settings and EQ for different sound zones.

PowerZone Connect is an ultra-compact, half-rack amp that will fit in many commercial locations. It is currently available in 2-channel and 4-channel versions, with between 60W and 250W per channel. All channels can drive both low impedance (4Ω to 16Ω) and constant voltage (70V/100V) speaker loads, making it perfect for a wide range of systems. Greater flexibility comes from our Power Sharing technology, which delivers the available power to the output channels.

There are 4 power output products and options that cover different speaker loads >

PowerZone Connect 122 (Lo-Z = 2x60W / Hi-Z = 1x125W)

PowerZone Connect 252 (Lo-Z = 2x125W / Hi-Z = 1x250W)

PowerZone Connect 254 (Lo-Z = 4x60W / Hi-Z = 2x125W)

PowerZone Connect 504 (Lo-Z = 4x125W – Hi-Z = 2x250W)

Once connected to the amp, the Power Zone Control lets you easily create the most impressive multi-zone audio system. System integrators and installers can handle even the most complex installation projects with this dedicated app.

Simply log in via any browser to the amplifier’s built-in Wi-Fi or directly via the network port. Then set everything up from your phone, tablet or laptop. With four analog inputs and a stereo digital input, you can easily route any input source to any output channel and create impressive sound zones in minutes.

PowerZone Control makes life simple with its intuitive interface – where quick access to the system means setup takes just minutes. The main dashboard displays your system overview, where volume levels are easily adjusted for each speaker zone you have created. Then navigate further to access advanced setup and professional tuning settings. Explore a variety of tuning options, including delay settings, speaker EQ, Hi-Z and Lo-Z, and various other output options. As new features and system configuration options are added, they will be available in the web application or with easy-to-access and install firmware updates.

AV installers and system builders now have complete business flexibility, as a small range of amplifiers cover a wide range of projects, then save time and complexity on site, as the whole system can even be configured from your phone.

Blaze Audio – The power behind great sound.

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