Bloody image of Boity appears online after Bujy’s alleged assault


A photo shows Boity leaving the hotel covered in blood after a physical altercation with Bujy Bikwa.

Boity, Bujy / Instagram (@boity, @bujybikwa)

More details emerged on the night that Boity Thulo and Bujy Bikwa were involved in a physical altercation.

In the leaked audio shared by The Citizen, Boity and Bujy can be heard insulting each other before things get out of hand.

“Nobody knows who you are,” you can hear Boity say.

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Bujy replies, “Everyone will know who I am after fucking Boity.”

Boity and Bujy’s altercation took place at a hotel in Midrand, Johannesburg, last week.

The City Press was the first to reveal the story, revealing that Boity left the stage covered in blood after Bujy allegedly threw a bottle of alcohol at him.

The bottle would have left a cut on Boity’s face. A leaked photo shows Boity leaving the hotel covered in blood.

Please note that the image shared below may be triggering for some

Boity confirmed the “vicious physical assault” in a statement on Saturday. She revealed that she had opened an assault case against Bujy. He was arrested on Thursday and spent the night in a prison cell.

Bujy has since appeared before the Midrand District Court. He was released on R2,000 bail.

Social media users reacted with shock and anger after the audio and images were posted.

“Stop saying Boity was assaulted, from the footage I see it’s attempted murder,” Twitter user @mizar wrote.

A woman named Kamo wrote: “This photo of Boity just triggered a moment in my life that I thought I was completely past …”

Singer Denise Zimba also weighed in on the discussion.

“We all have things that we have to work on. We have issues / situations that we have to face within ourselves. MARA NOTHING GIVES EVERYONE THE RIGHT TO PHYSICALLY ATTACK ANOTHER PERSON! This is insane and bad. behavior must be taken into account @Boity, ”she wrote.

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