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Posted on October 23, 2021 at 12:52 a.m.

It has never been easy to make a living as a musician. And it’s getting more complicated than ever.

“The Blueprint: The Bible For Becoming a Successful Performing Artist in the Digital Age” by Frank Demilt (Blue Heron Book Works, 2021, 224 pp., $ 19.50) is a guide to navigating the world of music. It covers the recording process, copyright, distribution, marketing, contracts, touring, and career maintenance.

Demilt, who lives in Keyport, NJ, is a sound engineer and Head of Artist-A&R Development at Water Music-Sloppy Vinyl. He has worked with Grammy and Emmy award winning artists and producers. His book is published by Blue Heron Book Works, Allentown.

In a phone call from Nashville, Demilt says things in the music industry are happening so quickly now that he has had to make changes while writing and editing the book. He plans to do annual updates.

The internet has had a major influence on musical careers. This has had a negative impact on artists’ earnings as more songs are heard while listening on streaming platforms. Services like Spotify reimburse creators a tiny amount every time a song is played.

“You don’t do much with song sales,” he says. “You get maybe a dime on the dollar for every feed you generate. You could win something like $ 4,000 with millions of coins.

Demilt says many artists don’t even try to sell CDs anymore, or maybe they only sell special editions of vinyl along with other merchandise.

“A lot of artists make money from touring,” he says.

There are ways to make money by editing songs, he says: someone can enjoy “every time you hear music in a movie, TV show, or even music from. melts in a restaurant ”.

Online social media has offered new opportunities. “Music definitely remains a viable career choice,” says Demilt. “Artists can do a lot for their careers for themselves. It depends on how you go about it.

“It’s easier now than it was 10 or 15 years ago, where you had to constantly do shows, go around town and hope someone could see you. Now you can start your own social network. and do it all from your home.

“Record companies will be scouring the Internet for artists with large online audiences. A label can sign someone doing covers who hasn’t even released music, ”Demilt says.

“The Blueprint” lists the many ways in which music can be submitted to various platforms, including the use of specialist distribution companies. CD Baby, once a major online music retailer, is now a distribution company.

Demilt writes in the book’s introduction that among major record companies, “artist development is a dying art form. Talent no longer matters.

“If an artist doesn’t have the numbers, a non-artist with a million followers will be signed faster than the most talented singer with just a thousand followers.”

The book contains detailed advice on the registration process, including the type of equipment to use. “You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on top-of-the-line equipment,” he says. “It’s only good if you know how to use it.”

You can do a recording at home, but it probably won’t be good enough for today’s competitive high-tech market. “Home recordings can be pretty decent, but the quality doesn’t compare to what you hear on the radio,” Demilt explains.

Making a recording requires steps that can take place in the same studio or in different studios.

“One studio can do the recording, another can do the mixing without an artist interface, and another can master an MP3, making it CD or radio ready.”

The book describes the team members and managers that will be needed as an artist’s career progresses. It also reviews the complex aspects of contracts, for which Demilt recommends the use of expert legal advice.

“There are younger people, even pre-teens, who enter alone, not understanding what they are signing without the financial means or the know-how.

“The Blueprint” shows that the modern environment is not hopeless for musicians, but the book emphasizes that those who succeed are motivated by a strong work ethic. With its comprehensive overview, the book is a great resource for both new and experienced artists.

Information: https://blueheronbookworks.com/

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