BTS frontman RM accidentally deleted audio file for new song; says he’s having the ‘worst day of the year’ | K-pop movie news

The BTS star RM shared some heartbreaking news with ARMY on Friday.

The singer and music composer, known for his significant contributions to several successful titles, accidentally deleted an unreleased song.

According to his social media post, the star was cleaning his desk to free up storage space when he deleted the audio file for a new song he was working on.

In his message translated from Korean, he said: “I made a mistake cleaning up today… So the audio files I had been working on for a year have been lost… I am in total mental collapse… But I will still find strength. … I was almost done… of course… the worst day of this year. I’m sad so I record it on Moments.

With all the worry messages coming from fans, RM followed up on her post asking fans not to worry. He mentioned that he was only upset because he recorded over 60 audio tracks for that song.

“In case you’re worried, it’s just this song. The other few songs are well handed over to others. But there are over 60 tracks recorded for that, so I can’t even think of starting all over again. . But I’ll do it anyway well and I’ll let you listen to it every now and then. * Sob * Everyone, use your cleaning programs with caution… “he wrote in his post.

To date, he has around 180 credits registered with the copyright association and is also the youngest most credited Korean artist.

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