Civicom launches MyQual DIY Tool for independent researchers

Civicom launches MyQual DIY Tool for independent researchers

March 14, 2022

In the US, Civicom Marketing Research Services launched MyQual, a DIY research package for freelance researchers offering an all-in-one tool for in-depth interviews and focus groups.

Founded in 2000 by marketer David West (pictured), Civicom offers in-depth phone and web interviews and focus groups through its CyberFacility. Solutions also include CCamfocus in-person, an institutional research recording and streaming service; Chatterbox, an asynchronous search platform for online communities and message boards; and the ThoughtLight Mobile Insights app, a mobile qualitative tool for collecting instant insights. Additionally, the company offers a translation service, “TranscriptionWing”, and the CiviSelect recruitment suite.

The new MyQual package can be used for online self-directed qualitative data collection using three components: web room for DIY interviews supported with stimuli upload function, recording, discussion behind-the-scenes private and audio conferencing using the company’s conferencing technology; project curation features with slicing and storyboarding; and a homework information mobile app. Designed exclusively for use in market research, the company says MyQual gives independent researchers “control over their own research execution from start to finish.”

Led by founder and CEO David West (pictured), the company is online at

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