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Clubhouse (and his myriad look alike) is the place to be right now, with audio social media platforms that have been setting the world on fire for quite some time now. Naturally, an audio platform lends itself to certain modes of entertainment, in this case music. Clubhouse recognizes this, and therefore adds a “music mode” to allow online musicians to take their performances to the next level.

Club house in the Clubhouse

“Calling all musicians! Today we’re introducing Music Mode, a new setting that helps you perform at your best when playing at the Clubhouse, ”an official reads announcement. The announcement explains that Music Mode optimizes a room to stream music with “exceptional high quality stereo sound”, both for performing musicians and for simply playing music with your friends.

In addition, musicians will be able to stream directly from their studio equipment, such as external microphones, mixers and USB audio interfaces. Anyone who has compared the raw audio from studio equipment to the audio recorded through your phone’s microphone knows how much of a difference there is.

To activate Music mode, while you have the stage in a room, press the three-dot menu button. Scroll down to “Audio Quality” and then tap on the “Music” option, which is just above “High” to give you an indication of the exact status of the new option.

If you’re in the audience, you don’t have to do anything. Just sit back and enjoy the enhanced audio through your headphones, speaker, or your device’s built-in speakers.

Clubhouse doesn’t go into the audiophile details of how it all works, but it’s okay. We’re just happy to have it. Music mode is first rolled out for iOS, with Android as the “quick follow”.

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