Company to launch Nigeria’s first instant messaging app

The telecommunications regulatory agency, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has sounded the alarm over the vandalism of its infrastructure, saying it is having a negative impact on coverage areas.
One such negative impact, he said, is that it leads to dead spots on networks, resulting in poor quality of service and poor quality of experience for telecom consumers.
A statement from the NCC, which was signed by its spokesperson and director of public affairs, Dr Ikechukwu Adinde, urged communities to protect telecommunications infrastructure in their area.
According to the declaration, Communities must protect telecommunications infrastructure and allow the installation of equipment and its maintenance or repair to ensure better delivery of telecommunications services.
The statement said that members of the respective communities should guard against the destruction of telecommunications infrastructure by promptly notifying service providers of ongoing road construction activities by companies or government agencies to avoid potential service disruptions. result from damaged infrastructure.
He continued that the protection of telecommunications infrastructure is now important in any community.
The ability to connect and communicate, he said, is fundamental to human existence, given its central role in improving business, government services, education, communities and communities. families to share information through seamless connections.
“Today you just need a computer, a smartphone and an internet connection to do so much, and your communities’ telecommunications infrastructure provides the essential facilities that support access. Internet to these devices, therefore you are expected to protect the infrastructure.
“Protecting telecommunications infrastructure helps create jobs, promote e-commerce, help farmers in villages connect with potential buyers in cities, as well as improve connectivity in rural and urban areas. .
“Therefore, as a community, you are expected to report instances of vandalism of telecommunications infrastructure to the nearest law enforcement agents such as the Police, Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps, and share adequate information. received from NCC with your family, friends, neighbours.
“We believe that with your cooperation, as essential players in the telecommunications industry, we can all work with law enforcement authorities to protect the telecommunications infrastructure in your community,” the statement read. .

By: Corlins Walter

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