Dozens of gTA 6 videos leaked online following ‘Rockstar Games hack’ claiming it was an online hack

99% of the GTA 6 leaks you find online are fake. Something tells us this one isn’t.

Lamar Davis pulled the words out of Rockstar Games’ mouth.

A GTAForums user just dropped the momload of GTA 6 information after claiming he was responsible for a recent Rockstar Games hack that produced 90 videos straight from a test build of GTA 6. code was also provided by “GTA5 and 6” and source code money and assets from both. If it’s an elaborate trick to fool people, then it’s just believable. Even if that’s true, Rockstar will have their hands full. The cat is not able to contain the cat in a bag. It’s hard to know how to do this.

By now, video and audio have spread all over the internet, from YouTube to Reddit and everywhere in between.

After looking at everything, things are like this: what is it not for?

  • GTA 6 is going to have several characters, one of which is a woman.
  • It will be built in a city à la Miami, and probably vice-city.
  • We won’t see GTA Six for long.

I’m curious to see how Rockstar Games will react to this huge leak.

One of the videos shows Lucia, a player-character believed to be running a waffle restaurant and taking hostages with Jason. I noticed how similar it was to flying in Red Dead. The scenario is very difficult with fictional text like “Jason: GENERIC COURSE/SELF” and a recycled car from GTA 5 with VCPD, which means vice city police.

In another video, we see this male player-character converse with redneck associates doing some very on-brand dialogue like “Oh yeah, he’s dead, isn’t he?” Just like Finland.

For those unaware, there is a conspiracy on the internet about the nature of Finland’s absence.

There’s also a video showing “passenger shooting mechanics” with a player being shot and chasing police cars with an AK-47. Another sequence takes us to a strip club where we see the notification of “WhatUp! message received” which translates to a popular messaging app called WhatsApp.

It looks like the racer in GTA 6 will be called Lucia.

As long as Rockstar confirms anything, the legitimacy of the videos is under scrutiny. To fool the internet, as we have already mentioned, faking this huge requires a Herculean effort. We don’t think anyone in the world is willing to spend time and work to deceive him. Who would have simulated the action and the code running simultaneously, anyway? We know we’re talking about GTA, but we’ll give the internet a lot of credit if we deny this to be true.

Grand Theft Auto 6 is currently in development. Take-Two Interactive claims that GTA 6 will set creative benchmarks for the entertainment industry.

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