Epic Game Store 15 Free Giveaway Games Leaked


Epic Games offers a number of PC games on the Epic Game Store. At all times, there is almost always a free game to download.

This, added to the store exclusives and Epic’s willingness to go very deep into its very deep pockets, has made EGS a viable alternative to Steam. And as we all know, a little competition does a lot of good.

In December, get ready for two straight weeks of free games. A new leak suggests there will be 14 free games on the Epic Game Store in December, but it wouldn’t be surprising if the number is actually 15. That’s because last December, Epic hosted a “15 days of free games” event and I don’t know why they would reduce that number to just 14 in 2021. Anyway, plenty of free games to add to your order book.

The first of these, according to Dealabs, a site known for its precise PlayStation Plus leaks, is Shenmue III which will be released on December 16, with a new free game every day thereafter. The full list was not disclosed. Not yet anyway.

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