Epic Games Store distributed 765 million games in 2021

The Epic Games Store continued to offer free games to all users throughout 2021, breaking records set in 2020. Over the past year, EGS added an additional 34 million users, while offering 765 million free games.

In its latest annual growth report, Epic Games revealed that its store now has 194 million users, up from 160 million in 2020. Encouraging this growth was a series of gaming giveaways, giving away 89 free games throughout the year. last year, with a combined value of over $2,000. In total, around 765 million copies of games were given away to users throughout the year, including a big surge in December, when Epic’s daily giveaways led to an 11% increase in monthly active users. .

Of the 89 games offered, 76 of these free games broke concurrent user records during the giveaway, so people are actively playing many of these games after the giveaways. The total number of hours played on games through the Epic Games Store rose to 6.2 billion, from 5.7 billion hours last year.

Beyond that, the Epic Games Store library grew to 917 games in 2021 and also generated $840 million from last year’s sales.

KitGuru says: The Epic Games Store has seen significant growth in 2021 and it looks like EGS will continue to use freebies in 2022 to increase user numbers, while also signing an EGS exclusive here and there.

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