Epidemic Sound provides background sound for videos. A new web series features the artists behind this music.

A new web series attracts viewers behind the sound. Specifically, the five-episode show highlights some of the artists whose music is available on the “unrestricted” subscription service. Its epidemic.

Stockholm-based Epidemic offers a library of over 35,000 songs and 90,000 sound effects. These tracks are available royalty-free and can be inserted into YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, and Facebook content, as well as movies and commercials. Epidemic subscriptions start at $9 per month.

That’s a lot of music to choose from, but Epidemic’s new web series singles out five artists for special recognition. The first episode presents Wolf Toriia singer-songwriter with a extensive catalog on the epidemic. Creator based in Wolf and Detroit Vuhlands (pictured above) gathered for a long conversation that touched on creativity, the magic of live performance and more.

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Wolf also paid tribute to the company for bringing its music to the masses. “Working with Epidemic Sound has been amazing,” they said. “The outbreak has been like, who are you and how can we amplify this and help the world see you?”

Vuhlandes will not host all episodes of behind the sound. Instead, a rotating cast of creators, including This Icelandic guy, will connect with featured artists. Beyond Wolf, Epidemic’s other partners featured in the web series are Alex Kehm, Loid Ito, Dajana Lööfand Ebo Krdum.

behind the sound is not just a guide for Epidemic subscribers – it’s also a chance to recruit more artists in the service catalog. “It’s truly humbling to see how our artists work, to hear the unique stories of inspiration, and to have a front row seat to watch them grow as musicians,” said Epidemic’s head of music, Niklas Brantberg. “We are incredibly proud of our music makers and thrilled to showcase just five of their journeys through behind the sound.”

18 months after raising $450 million, Epidemic Sound must respond to a challenge launched by YouTube. The upcoming Creator Music service will be a robust proprietary solution for audio licensing. YouTube plays a role in the royalty-free music business, and with behind the sound, Epidemic is showing it can be a content business. It’s not the first program he’s released, but it’s a substantial production nonetheless. You can verify behind the sound on the Epidemic Sound YouTube Channel.

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