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In 1968, Bose, then a 4-year-old company named after its MIT-trained founder, went out of their way and created a speaker design that looked and acted like nothing that came before it.

The Bose 901 is still one of the most famous speaker models of all time, festive because of how strange it looks, but also because of the quality of its sound and how it works.

The essence of the 901 design is that it has nine total speakers in each box, but only one of them is facing you.

Bose engineers have determined that this ratio of direct sound to reflected sound is roughly the way sound is heard in a classic music hall. The 901s might not have been perfect, but recreating the vibe was their strong suit. Listeners and critics alike felt like they were in the performance hall with the musicians, and the speakers sold like wildfire.

Today we are starting a new series examining the basics of what I will call “How to Listen to Music Well”. The wonderful connectivity of the Internet age has enabled rapid growth and a faster understanding of difficult technical hobbies. Over time, more and more “meeting places” – forums, subtitles, blogs, etc.

Sometimes you notice that a meeting place is geared more towards the newcomer than the shriveled usual. It’s a pretty funny name, but in pro audio if you post to Gear Slutz and you mess something up, you’ll be fixed in no time. Heavyweights like some of the best mastering and recording engineers are hiding in it, and it’s a source of tons of knowledge if you know what you’re looking for (or asking for).

But a noob can’t start there. I have noticed that the r / audiophile subreddit on Reddit is very welcoming to those new to the hi-fi audio game. While I wouldn’t say regulars know a lot about the hobby, they regularly do a thing or two.

Visit the subreddit and you won’t have to scroll very far to see an image of a system where at least one of the speakers is against a wall. “What do you think of my system? The post title asks, and someone in the first five comments will respond, “I think they’d sound better away from that side wall.”

The Bose 901 got people looking at those rear speakers and thinking, “maybe I should take them out for a bit.” However, modern speakers with their speakers all facing forward may make you think that no sound is coming from the back and sides of a speaker, and that’s not all. done correct.

Today’s lesson is fundamental. Sound comes mostly from the front of modern speakers, but much of it goes straight to the side and some even wrap around the back. The speakers need room to breathe and create a more realistic ambience, which in turn benefits all of your music. Keep your speeches away from walls as much as your design sense allows, and your ears will thank you.

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