Google Play Store Removes Mobile App Linked To Pakistan-Based Terrorist Organization


New Delhi: A mobile app linked to the Pakistan-based terrorist group supporting Jaish-e-Mohammed (Jaish-e-Mohammad) has been removed from the Google Play Store. Google Play took this step after revealing the app in the media. The app claimed to provide Islamic education, but it tried to entice young Muslims.

The “Good Things” app was not directly related to Jaish, but its channels were related to Chef Jaish Maulana Masood Azhar (Maulana Masood Azhar). The developers of this app also created a blog page which was a hyperlink to the app description page. Two external pages were also linked to the same page. It contained audio messages from Masood Azhar and recordings from his younger brother Abdul Rauf Asgar and his special Talha Saif. There were also several books written by Masood Azhar on one page.

Information Security Lab for Media Innefu Labs discovered that its servers were located in Germany when they performed a technical analysis of the application. Tarun wig, co-founder of Innfu Labs, had informed that the application is connected to the Kontabo data server in Germany.

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