Google rolls out Play Store ‘Data Security’ section for apps

Google announced that the Play Store was getting a “Data Security” section last May, and it’s now starting to roll out after a short delay. The new section will be fully available over the next few weeks, with full developer adoption scheduled for July.

Android apps from the Play Store must list (“Collected Data”) what data is stored and for what purpose. In turn, users can “see if the app needs this data to function or if this data collection is optional.”

Developers should also identify (“Shared Data”) whether this information is shared with third parties, as well as the security/processing practices (e.g., encryption of data in transit) of their applications, and whether end users can easily request their data to be deleted.

Other information that may appear in the section includes:

Data types cover: location (approximate or precise), personal information (name, email, address, phone number, etc.), financial information (purchase history, credit score, etc.) , health and fitness, messages (emails, SMS/MMS), phones and videos, audios, files and documents, calendar, contacts, app activity (interactions, app search history , installed apps), web browsing, app information and performance (crash logs, diagnostics), and device or other identifiers.

Available purposes include: application functionality; Analytic; Communications with developers; Advertising or marketing; Fraud prevention, security and compliance; Personalization; and Account Management.

The Data Security section in the Play Store app listings is starting to roll out today and will fully appear over the next few weeks. Developers have until July 20, 2022 to enter this information into the Play Console. As such, not all apps will necessarily have this information when the new page rolls out to your device.

Until July 20, 2022, you can temporarily release updates to the app whether or not we have any issues with the information you’ve disclosed. If there is no problem, your application will be approved and you will not have to do anything. If something goes wrong, you’ll need to change the status of your data security form back to “Draft” in the Play Console to release your app update. We will also send the owner of the developer account an email, an inbox message in the Play Console, and post this information on the Policy Status (Policy > Policy Status) page.

After July 20, 2022, all apps will be required to have completed an accurate data security form that discloses their data collection and sharing practices (including apps that do not collect any user data).

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