Google Store Black Friday 2021: $ 50 off Pixel 5a, plus

As in previous years, Made by Google offers an “overview” of vacation offers. The Google Store’s Black Friday 2021 sale will begin a week before Thanksgiving, and the highlight is $ 50 off the Pixel 5a with 5G.

Update 11/18: Offers in the United States are now live and the vast majority are available until December 1. However, the Chromecast offer with Google TV ends on December 25. Other offers include:

Offers are also online in the UK, with France and Germany arriving tomorrow. Those in Australia, Japan and Taiwan have to wait until next week, with some Pixel 6-related deals for the Asia-Pacific.

Original 9/11: Google’s Affordable Phone for 2021-2022, which is exclusive to the Google Store and Fi in the US, drops from $ 449 to $ 399. Next is the $ 10 off the Chromecast with Google TV. At $ 39.99, the streaming dongle sees its first discount.

Other US offers that will be available from November 18 include:

 Google Store Black Friday 2021

What is stored differs from country to country. There is of course no Pixel 5a in the UK, but those across the pond can expect savings on the Pixel Buds A-Series, Google Wifi 3-pack, the Chromecast. standard and Nest Mini. Germany will offer offers on the Nest Doorbell (wired) / Hello and Protect. Other regional overviews are not yet online.

Today, Google didn’t provide any further details with the preview listed directly on the store’s home page. Over the past few years, the offerings have happened in two stages: a few days before Thanksgiving, and then on the day of 7:00 p.m.

Meanwhile, the Google Store kicks off Black Friday remarkably early for 2021, as the global supply chain faces great challenges. The big question is whether the Pixel 6 will be significantly downsized, but we’re looking to ensure that doesn’t happen.

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