Google sues Fortnite authors for breaking Play Store deal



Google files the counterclaim to recover money lost when Fortnite included an external payment method.

The battle between Epic Games and the mobile app stores doesn’t end, maybe this insistence from my dad It’s an electronic game led them to More difficult situation. Since Google was accused and criticized at the start of the battle for its infamous 30% rate, it has ended up being sued by Epic Games. Break the Play Store AgreementYour app store. In this sense, Google’s intentions do not go beyond the economic aspect, as it aims to Get back the money you lost When Fortnite opened its payment methods a few months ago.

Epic Games itself unfairly assigned a Google accountgoogle browserGoogle, like Apple, gives developers the ability to publish their apps in the company’s official store, the Play Store, for as long as they can. With 30% of payments Created by the user in each application. To sum up at a minimum, Epic Games violated this agreement by Unlock new payment methods in FortniteThis allowed Google to ignore 30%, and thus the company considers that “Epic Games is unfairly assigned to a Google account”, as indicated in its lawsuit.

Users choose this store when they have a number of channels and apps on Androidgoogle browserIn addition, unlike what happens with Apple, Google repeats it Don’t force developers to publish their apps In the Play Store, since the company’s platform in more open systems allows entry into similar stores. In his words, “They choose this store when they receive a series of channels and apps on Android. Google supports selection from Android itself, Google Play policies and Google’s agreements with device developers and manufacturers.

so and after Google slams its policies in the Play Store, it looks like Epic Games will have to face the company in a lawsuit, on top of that. Already in progress against Apple for the same conditions. In the past, Google had considered buying Epic Games as a strategy to avoid the formation of additional legal issues, but it is clear that This way is rejectedWhich brings us to the counterclaim today.

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Epic Games to create entertainment section to create audiovisual contentOf course, the court battles at Epic Games have caused earthquakes. Whether in their offices or in the policies of Apple and Google. Since then, in this sense, it has been pointed out that the two companies must open foreign payment methods in Korea while Apple will also have to do so in the United States. However, the creators of Fortnite haven’t had much success in competitions, since Apple will prevent them from reposting their featured game in the App Store. Until all legal formalities have been completed.

And maybe the many wars in the video game arena have caused Epic Games to seriously think about making Fortnite movie games. Since then, as we learned a few hours ago, Tim Sweeney’s company wants to build Entertainment department Produce audiovisual content, allowing them to extend their brand to other markets. For the moment, the conclusions of all the judgments made by Epic Games with its alleged revolutionary movement are still known, but everything indicates that There will be no winner.

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