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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons free until then.

The gorgeous JRPG homage Cris Tales is set to be the Epic Games Store’s next giveaway, with the week-long giveaway starting Thursday, February 24.

Cris Tales, the work of Colombian indie studios Dreams Uncorporated and Syck, follows the whimsical adventures of orphan Crisbell as she journeys through the beautifully crafted world of Narim – the kind of place where swords are magic and frogs can talk.

It’s a heartwarming escapade that unfolds through a series of quests and side-quests, combining the meanderings and puzzles of the world with a turn-based combat system – all making extensive use of the clever central time manipulation mechanic. by Cris Tales.

Cris Tales – Launch Trailer.

Sometimes this can manifest simply as glimpses of the world in its past and future states, rendered on either side of the screen as Crisbell and her friends explore in the center; other times he has a more integral role, such as in combat, where – in addition to deploying Super Mario RPG-style timed attacks – Crisbell can propel enemies into the past or future, altering their characteristics in ways that both advantageous and considerably less.

It’s an adventure that was warmly received when it launched last summer, and is probably worth playing for its sublime visual and audio presentation alone.

Those suitably intrigued by the charms of Cris Tales will be able to add it to their Epic Games Store library for free starting next Thursday, February 24. The wonderful Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is available for free until then.

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