HBO Max needs to fix its ‘Babylon 5’ audio sync issues

Fans of the 90s space drama Babylon 5 were thrilled in January 2021 when the entire series was made available on HBO Max. Best of all, the cult classic TV show has been digitally remastered, so those who stream Babylon 5 for the first time – or to watch for the 100th time – finally received an HD upgrade from Warner Bros., and the HBO Max experience should have been better than ever.

Corn Babylon 5 on HBO Max has a problem that seems to have obsessed users on the platform for months with no solution in sight. Many episodes of the show, especially the second and third seasons, play with the audio out of sync with the picture, making them virtually impossible to watch.

When you go looking to find out if it is a you and your tv problem, you quickly discover that this is not the case. Several Reddit and Twitter threads, with entries as recent as today, detail viewers’ frustration with audio sync issues. Despite numerous user reports of contacting HBO Max support and active replies about it on the HBO Max Twitter account, it appears that nothing has been done to address this issue across the board.

I’ve been through it all HBO Max’s Recommended Steps to Fix TV Audio Problems, which they usually direct users to when the problem is reported. While some users of various devices claim that the fixes worked for them, none of them worked with my Firestick powered TV.

And although it seems that Babylon 5 streams without audio issues through HBO Max’s web browser, it’s not a solution for everyone. Many people don’t have the setup to stream from their computer to their TV, or have a device screen that you want to watch for countless hours while lost in space. (Yes, that’s a reference to Bill Mumy.)

It appears that the sync issue has affected a variety of mobile devices and TVs running through Roku, Amazon Firestick, Apple+, and more. A half-measure solution – discovered by a few industrious people – to set TV audio players to stereo instead of surround sound has worked for some, but not all (not me).

Although fans have found the occasional workaround and HBO Max customer service representatives have diligently responded to complaints about it for months, it doesn’t seem like a priority to fix no matter how many times. where reps say the audio issue has been “escalated”. .” (I don’t blame said reps at all; they do their best.) It was as much of a problem for people last week as it was months ago, and it’s still a problem for me today.

Why is this an issue worth dedicating an article to, you ask? Well, the problem seems pretty old and has been reported enough that it’s either not fixable at all or something that HBO Max says should be a priority. An HBO bug tracker points out that the situation has been recognized, but no solution or real information or ETA is forthcoming. Since it works fine on the HBO Max browser, it seems to me that it should be fixable elsewhere.

As one customer points out, if this happened to people trying to watch game of throneswe would see a different result.

This is also a problem because everyone should be able to watch Babylon 5 in a state of feverish frenzy for hours without a break. When I tell you how many times these sync issues ruined my night or caused me to watch an episode with a few seconds audio delay that slowly but surely drives you to the edge of madness, you might understand my plea.

Fixation Babylon 5 may not be on HBO Max’s to-do list, but this should jump up there. Is HBO Max aware of how many hours and dedication fans are willing to put into this show? Are they aware that when you’ve convinced someone else to finally watch and give Babylon 5 a try, nothing should stand in our way? And while the rumored series reboot ended up with a retarded driver, Babylon 5 will stay in the news and discussed by his fans until the internet becomes a supernova.

“Anyone who knows the story of Babylon 5 knows that this show’s path has never been easy and rarely goes in a straight line,” said series creator and writer J. Michael Straczynski. wrote on his Patreon when the reboot pilot wasn’t picked up for development in 2022. “Apparently that hasn’t changed.”

It seems that even trying to look Babylon 5 in its entirety cannot continue straight on HBO Max at this time. It’s worth investing the time and effort to resolve this issue for fans who have been dedicated for so long. Faith handles everything except audio delays.

(image: Warner Bros.)

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