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We are excited about our new partnership with Trualta, a personalized, skills-based training platform for family members caring for aging loved ones living at home, in addition to providing support for those who are take care of a grandchild or a person with an intellectual or developmental disability.

Trualta teaches caregiver skills from the comfort of their own home through an online platform that family caregivers can access on their computer or mobile device. The Trualta platform modules teach caregivers how to deliver safe, hands-on care, connect families to trusted support agencies, and offer information and video training from experienced professionals in a quick and easy format.

In Ohio, family caregiving is growing rapidly. There are approximately 1.5 million family caregivers statewide. According to AARP, these family caregivers provide more than 1.27 billion hours of care worth $16.8 billion. It is essential that adequate support and training is provided to enable safe and confident care at home.

Some of the support featured on the Trualta platform covers topics such as self-care, safety and injury prevention, caring for someone with dementia, caregiver well-being, grandparents raising grandchildren. children, brain health and music therapy. Lessons are available online through videos, audio, printable pages, tip sheets, and interactive e-learning.

To sign up for free support, log on to or go to the AAA7 website at by clicking on the “Trualta” ad on the main page. For more information, contact the AAA7 Caregiver Support Program at 1-800-582-7277 or email [email protected]

Vicky Abdella is a Registered Nurse and Director of Community Services for the District 7 Regional Aging Agency, which includes Highland County.

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