How to Combine Multiple Audio Files in Batch in Windows 11/10 2022

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Check How to Batch Combine Multiple Audio Files in Windows 11/10

Do you have a Windows 10 folder with many different music files? If so, it is best to merge the audio files so that you can listen to multiple music tracks contained in a single file. You won’t have to go to your media player and manually choose each song file to play. If you’ve ever wondered how to mix audio files, this article will guide you through all its possibilities.

How to combine audio files?

1. Use Adobe Audition

The most obvious and easiest way to combine multiple audio files is to use dedicated software capable of doing so.

They usually have a very simple interface and will get the job done faster than you could manually.

That said, a great tool to consider is Adobe Audition, a digital audio workstation that is a global standard in audio editing.

Simply download the free version of Adobe Audition, follow the installation guide and launch the software. Feel free to download as many songs as you want and combine the mp3 files to create a wonderful instrumental piece.

You can put your files one after another on the same track and mix them, or you can use the waveform function. By doing so, each track will be placed at the end of the previous one, and all you have to do is save the resulting file.

Adobe Audition

Get this advanced audio editing tool and create instrumentals like a pro!

2. Combine Audio Files with Command Prompt

  • Right-click on the Start button to open the Win + X menu.
  • To select Command prompt (administrator) to open the window below.
  • Open the folder containing the MP3 files you need to merge at the command prompt.
  • You can do this by entering cd at the prompt followed by the folder path.
  • Enter this command at the prompt:/copy /b audio1.mp3 file + audio2.mp3 file audio3.mp3 file.

Of course, you’ll have to change the filenames to match your actual audio files, and after that, all you have to do is hit the Enter key. This will combine the two MP3s in the /b copy command into a new output file.

3. Use audio mixing

Audio Mix is ​​a Windows tool designed for all digital music enthusiasts looking for a quick and easy way to combine multiple songs.

With Audio Mix, you can combine, split and/or layer audio tracks with a single click. The combination of songs is precise and professional thanks to the crossfade effect.

Crossfading is a feature that lets you join songs together so that they flow seamlessly together.

With this versatile tool, you can convert mp3 files to ogg, wav, mp4, m4a and aac format or split songs and cut unwanted parts of audio files with Audio Splitter function.

Feel free to layer two or more audio tracks (e.g. voice and music) with the Overlay feature and improve the quality of your songs by changing the audio equalizer (bass and treble).

A very interesting and useful feature is the MP3 Vocal Remover which allows you to remove the singer’s voice from the music and create your own lyrics around the instrumental.

It also has a video to audio converter feature which can extract audio files from video (avi, mp4, wmv, mov).

4. Use Magix Music Creator

Magic Music Maker is a popular audio editor that lets you combine over 4,000 sounds and loops with other digital instruments. You can create fast beats or add a modern twist to a classic melodic piece.

The recording feature lets you add your own voice, all you have to do is plug in your microphone and start recording your own song. With Magix Music Maker you can also record your own electric guitar solo live.

This software integrates tools from all musical genres Rock Drums, Bass Machine, Concert Guitar, Drum Engine, Orchestral Ensemble, Cinematic Synth.

You have a variety of sound effects to make your music professional yet innovative so you can stand out and put yourself on the map as an urban beat maker or music producer.

Let your creativity run free, combine vocal or sound loops, add effects like chorus, wahwah or flanger. You can also recreate an authentic acoustic experience with 5.1 surround sound.

Magix Music Maker

Mix over 4,000 sounds and loops and record vocals to create your favorite style of music with this advanced tool!

5. Use Audio Joiner

  • Open the Audio Joiner web app in your browser.
  • Click on the add tracks to select the music files to merge.
  • The web app then displays the selected tracks as in the snapshot directly below.
  • You can adjust the playback order of tracks by clicking the up or down arrows.
  • The blue sliders on the tracks set the playback interval when one track stops and the other starts playing.
  • This lets you mute part of a song if you drag the blue slider away from the far right of a track.
  • Audio Joiner also includes Crossfade and the Fade transition effect buttons to the right of the tracks.
  • You can click these buttons to enable or disable their effects.
  • Click on the To rejoin to merge the selected tracks. Please note that it takes some time for the application to merge the files.
  • Click on To download to save the output audio file to a folder.

Final Words: How to Batch Combine Multiple Audio Files in Windows 11/10

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