How to Download Every Audio File Alexa Has Recorded of You

Alexa could ruin our lives

So it turns out that Amazon is storing audio files of your voice obtained by your Alexa device – but there’s a way to upload and view everything the company has heard…

While companies like Apple have often been criticized for their data privacy, Amazon takes it to a whole new level.

Ultimately, everything you do and say near your device is recorded and recorded by Alexa. So not only does Amazon know your shopping habits and viewing history, but it also has data on everything from your dog’s barking to family feuds.

Reuters found that Amazon had over 90,000 records over a three-year period. They included kids asking Alexa questions, recordings of the same kids apologizing to their parents, and even extended conversations that Alexa didn’t monitor.

There is a way to view and download the recordings, but unfortunately Amazon makes it difficult to delete them. While you can change your privacy settings to prevent Alexa from picking up so many, the deal is sealed once she has your voice.

Unfortunately, the only safe way to delete these files is to completely delete the account.

Shh, she’s listening/Via UnSplash

How to download your data

First, click on this link or visit Amazon’s help page – but honestly, it’s faster to click on the link. If you want to go further, go to “security and privacy”, then “more security and privacy”, then “privacy” and finally “how can I request my data?” Finally, click on the link called “request my data”.

You should see a drop-down menu where you can choose the data you want from Amazon. You can of course request all data or individual items. Amazon will then provide you with all the recordings – and hopefully they’re not too intrusive.

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