How to Fix Discord Web Client Not Playing Audio on Windows

Some Discord users prefer to communicate through its web client. And while it helps streamline your communication by letting you switch between different apps in multiple tabs, it also adds the risk of browser issues interrupting your experience.

The common problem that Discord users have when communicating through the web client is when it suddenly becomes muted. A problem like this is often caused by Discord settings, OS restrictions, or even a browser bug.

We have compiled a list of fixes to recover speech from your Discord web client if yours is also disabled.

General fixes to fix Discord web client audio issues

First, try these general fixes to fix Discord client audio:

1. Eliminate Hardware Problems

To rule out hardware issues, perform the following basic checks:

  1. Listen to other tabs, apps, or listen to music from your computer’s audio output device. If it works fine, Discord is at fault. If not, the problem is consistent.
  2. If you can’t hear anything from an audio device, try a different pair to determine if the hardware is to blame.
  3. Once the other audio output device starts working, connect the first one to another computer to definitely confirm that it is the culprit.

In the case of a hardware problem, replacing the audio device will fix it. Otherwise, continue with other fixes.


2. Restart the Discord web client and browser

Give your Discord web client and browser a fresh start after ruling out hardware issues. This will rule out any temporary issues that may have caused the problem.

If none of these general fixes solve the problem, it’s time to rule out Discord-specific issues.

Discord-specific fixes to fix Discord web client audio issues

To resolve audio issues in the Discord client, you must perform the following fixes:

1. Make sure the Discord backend isn’t the culprit

Check that the problem is not with the Discord backend by visiting Discord Status Page and review whether any audio-related issues are listed there and are being investigated. If the issue is on the backend, you should wait for Discord to fix it.

Check Discord Status on Discord

When everything seems to be working from the Discord backend, you can proceed with the remaining fixes.

2. Eliminate channel-specific issues

When the Discord backend is working properly, check if the audio is muted on just a few channels or if it’s all over the place. In most cases, audio issues persist on Discord rather than in a specific channel.

However, if you encounter it on a specific channel, re-enable it or ask the channel admin to look into the issue.

3. Adjust Discord Settings

Next, make sure Discord’s audio settings aren’t misconfigured. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. In the lower left corner, click the gear icon (User Settings).
  2. Move towards Voice and video under App settings in the left sidebar.
  3. Make sure of the good Exit device is selected and its volume is not muted.
    Voice and video settings in the Discord web client
  4. Go to Advanced settings and temporarily disable three settings under voice processing; echo cancellation, noise reduction, Automatic gain control.
    Disabling Advanced Audio Settings in Discord Web Client Voice and Video Settings

If the above changes in the settings do not yield any positive results, try resetting Discord’s voice settings to default. You can do this by clicking Reset voice settings at the bottom of the Voice and video settings page.

Once all these fixes fail to fix the problem, it’s time to rule out browser issues.

Browser fixes to fix Discord client audio issues

Here are some fixes that will resolve audio issues in the Discord web client if they are browser related:

1. Make sure the site is not muted

To rule out a browser issue, make sure the Discord web client is not muted. See if there is an option for Reactivate the site by right-clicking on the browser tab. Simply click on it to reactivate the tab if you find it.

Re-enable Discord web client in Chrome tab

It may have already been reactivated, so check if your browser is not disabled as a whole.

2. Make sure your browser is not muted

Playing audio in other tabs is an easy way to check that the browser itself isn’t muted. When sound is not working anywhere, browser volume may have been muted in Windows sound settings.

Follow these steps to confirm that:

  1. Click on the speaker icon in the lower left corner.
  2. Open volume mixer.
  3. Make sure the browser is not muted or its volume is set to zero.
    Changing Audio Mixer Settings in Windows

If you can’t hear anything in your browser even though the volume isn’t turned off in the audio settings, try troubleshooting other browser issues. Chrome users can follow this guide to fix sound issues.

While you’re at it, switch to another browser to run Discord.

3. Switch to another browser

As soon as the Discord web client starts working on another browser, consider temporarily switching to that browser until the issue is resolved on your default browser. However, if the problem persists on all other browsers, it’s time to rule out operating system issues.

Windows fixes to fix Discord client audio issues

If the audio problem is in Windows, the following fixes will fix it:

1. Update your audio driver

The first step is to update the audio driver to rule out driver interference. Here’s how:

  1. Move towards Device Manager by right clicking on the To start up button.
  2. Expand category for Audio, video and game controllers.
  3. Right-click on the audio driver and select Update Driver.
    Update audio driver in Device Manager on Windows

If the driver update fails, adjust the audio settings in Windows.

2. Change audio settings in Windows

Follow these steps to change Windows sound settings:

  1. Open the window Settings app.
  2. Go to System.
  3. Move towards Ring in the left sidebar.
  4. Make sure the correct output device is selected.
  5. Check that the volume slider is not set to zero.
  6. Then go to Sound control panel in the right sidebar under Related Parameters.
  7. Make sure your primary output device is not muted in the playback tab.
    Changing audio settings in the Windows Settings app

When the above fixes fail to fix the problem, it’s time to run the audio troubleshooter.

3. Run the Audio Troubleshooter

Microsoft Windows has a dedicated troubleshooter to diagnose and resolve temporary sound issues. Follow these steps to run the troubleshooter:

  1. Open the window Settings application.
  2. Go to Update and security.
  3. Move towards Troubleshoot from the left sidebar.
  4. Click on Additional convenience stores.
  5. Locate and click Audio playback.
  6. To hit Run the troubleshooter.
    Running the Audio Playback Troubleshooter in the Windows Settings app

Follow the on-screen instructions after running the troubleshooter and let it finish its job. He should be able to diagnose the problem and fix it himself.

Even if you are an avid Discord user, do not share sensitive information on the platform. This is because it is not as secure as it seems. For more information, read our article on why you shouldn’t use Discord.

Can’t get Discord audio on web client?

If none of the covered fixes in the list solve the problem, switching to the Discord desktop app is the only option. Until the problem on the Discord client resolves itself, use the Discord app.

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