How to translate audio with Google Translate


Google Translate is not limited to translating text on websites and documents. You can also use this service to translate your audio. We’ll show you how to do this on your desktop and mobile phone.

Note that you cannot directly translate your audio files recorded with this service. You must read your files when Google Translate is listening to translate your content from its source language to your chosen target language.

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Translate audio with Google Translate on desktop

If you are using a Windows, Mac, Linux or Chromebook computer, first open your favorite web browser and launch the Google Translate website. You do not need to log in to the site to access its features.

When the site opens, in the box on the left, choose the source language. This is the language your audio is in.

Choose the source language.

In the box on the right, choose the language you want to translate your audio into.

Select the target language.

After selecting the source and target languages, click the microphone icon on the screen. If your browser asks you to access your computer’s microphone, allow it.

Speak into your computer’s microphone and Google Translate will translate your audio and display the result on your screen. To read the translated version, click on the sound icon.

To translate an audio file saved on your computer, play that file after clicking the microphone icon on the Google Translate website. Make sure your speakers are mounted high enough for your microphone to pick it up.

Translate your voice with Google Translate for mobile

To translate the voice on a android, iPhoneWhere iPadthen start by downloading and launching the free Google Translate app.

In the bottom left corner of the app, tap the displayed language.

Tap the current source language.

In the “Translate from” menu, select the language that your original audio is in.

Choose the source language.

Tap the language on the right and choose the target language.

Tap the current target language.

After selecting both languages, at the bottom of the app, tap the microphone icon. If the app asks you to access your phone’s microphone, let it.

Now speak into your phone’s microphone and the Google Translate app will translate your speech in real time.

You can hear translated content by tapping the sound icon.

If you want to translate a recorded audio file, transfer that file to another device and play it while Google Translate is listening.

If you want to translate a real-time conversation into two different languages, tap the “Conversation” option at the bottom of the Google Translate app. On the next page, you and the other party can talk to have your speeches translated.

Google Translate "Conversation" fashion.

And that’s how you use this excellent translation service for your audio content. Very useful!

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