IdeaNova launches INPLAY Audio to stream music and podcasts to users

INPLAY Audio streams music and podcasts to users

Platform Enhancement Enables Customers to Search, Configure and Stream Audio and Podcast Content

INPLAY Audio is two separate platforms: one for music, one for podcasts. Its appeal lies in its seamless integration with various online/offline platforms that businesses use to reach their audience. »

— Janne Pelkonen, CTO of IdeaNova

NAPERVILLE, Illinois, USA, October 12, 2022 / — IdeaNova Technologies, a leader in secure video streaming, has launched INPLAY Audio, a new offering that brings music and podcasts to users. An enhancement to IdeaNova’s well-established INPLAY secure video streaming platform, it provides a seamless web integration interface that allows users to enjoy their favorite music or podcasts.

Integrated into the INPLAY Portal platform, INPLAY Audio allows users to quickly download content, discover and pre-select their favorite music or podcasts for later listening, and engage with an array of social networking features , including text/video chat and web conferencing. INPLAY Audio can also be used independently of the INPLAY portal. This allows customers to integrate and customize it into their own UI platforms. Web-based component built using responsive design in modern technologies, INPLAY Audio supports a wide range of web-based platforms on laptops/computers, Android and iOS/iPad devices.

IdeaNova’s newly released INPLAY content loader is currently integrated with INPLAY Audio for fast and efficient content transfer.

IdeaNova has partnered with NueMeta LLC, a leading music distribution company, to provide INPLAY Audio customers with access to a licensed music catalog that is fully customizable to their needs. “We are thrilled to work with IdeaNova to help create an exceptional listening experience that customers and consumers will absolutely love,” said Nick Sincaglia, CEO of NueMeta.

RFI Podcast content is presented in English and Spanish and provides the launch content base for INPLAY Audio’s podcast component. “We are delighted to be at the start of this project which will ultimately allow RFI’s content to easily reach a wider audience.” said Serge Schick of France24, Director of International Development and Commercial Resources – Executive Vice-President Member of the Management Board.

“INPLAY Audio is offered on two separate platforms: one for listening to music and one for podcasts. The appeal of the product lies in its seamless integration with various online or offline platforms that businesses use to reach their audiences,” said Janne Pelkonen, CTO of IdeaNova. “INPLAY Audio is integrated with ‘Now Playing’, making it possible to listen in the background.”

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