Israeli family gains popularity by sharing their lives online

“We try to give inspiration in what we do, to give something for people to admire and see themselves”

The most popular Israeli family on YouTube – the Tarasov family – have millions of loyal online subscribers who watch their videos about raising children and living in Israel.

Dozens of Tarasov videos describe the daily challenges and joys of family life.

Israeli YouTube stars and parents of three, Moran and Joseph Tarasov, sat down with i24NEWS to discuss their fame and inspirations that began 11 years ago.

“I started documenting my life…about breastfeeding, our first family vacation,” Moran said.

“Seven and a half years ago it was about me exposing our lives, and that intimacy raised eyebrows.”

Joseph initially acted as Moran’s behind-the-scenes technical actor, but that quickly changed.

“After a request from our audience who wanted to see me more…I decided to open my own channel, and the rest is history,” Joseph said. i24NEWS.

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Moran explained how being open to his audience was “therapeutic and a way to connect with my audience that was more personal”.

“When I saw how my community reacted, that they wanted to see Moran the person, I understood that I had to give more of myself.”

The two noted that what they bring to the screen is how their audience can connect with it so easily.

“We try to give inspiration in what we do, to give something that people look up to and look up to,” Moran said.

Joseph expressed his appreciation for the family vocation.

“The most valuable thing I notice is that…you have an archive of all your unforgettable moments, good and bad, and document the things that make you realize how quickly time flies.”

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