Julian Lennon teams up with U.S. home furnishings store Restoration Hardware for photo series


Julian Lennon was a rock star and an international celebrity (yes, his father was John). But he has also quietly taken a career detour over the past decade. He took photos, often on the road, which resulted in several gallery exhibitions and presentations at art fairs.

Recently, he started his job at Restoration Hardware (RH), the premium home furnishings store in the United States, both online and in select stores, thanks to an agreement with General Public, the publisher of fine -arts founded by former actress Portia de Rossi.

Their workshop in Carpinteria, Calif., A small seaside town just south of Santa Barbara, is a spacious 20,000 square foot space, the central area dominated by three very large 3D printers, with spacious but tasteful offices lining the Street. “My interests as an artist have always been not only in audio, but also in visual art,” says Lennon. “I had never really had the opportunity to go there before. Since becoming sort of a freelance artist 20 years ago, and doing my own thing, I’ve been able to broaden my creative ideas.

Julien Lennon, Half hearted mood (2014) © the artist

Armed with a camera, sometimes a Leica, he takes pictures as soon as he finds something striking; the photographs in the RH collection are for the most part landscapes and moments of travel. Half hearted mood (2014), for example, captures moody cloud layers, taken while arriving in Kenya for the first time.

“This was taken just before landing in a small plane, barely crossing the peaks of the mountains,” he recalls. “I saw beautiful landscapes all around me, the clouds being part of it.”

Sometimes a little fantasy or incongruity stops him. The subject of Casa blanca (2018), Taken in Havana, Cuba, is a public rest area emblazoned with a sign that reads “Casa Blanca.” He was intrigued, he says, by “the fact that it was called Casa Blanca and not the ‘Casablanca’ I remember, a very classic movie.”

Julien Lennon, Casa blanca (2018) © the artist

De Rossi was introduced to Lennon’s work by an art consultant and was struck by his distinctive eye. She knew straight away that she wanted to hire him. “I like to see something that is really thoughtfully constructed,” she says. “When I look at the work, I look at the composition and the performance, obviously. With Julian’s work, I saw the most perfect blend of everything, like a captured moment, which [also] seemed spontaneous.

She started General Public five years ago, after deciding to give up her acting career. The company has focused on high-quality reproductions of works of art, mainly paintings, which are sold on its website. 3D printing makes possible textures that are extraordinarily faithful to the original, she points out, and it allows more people to own art. All the work he offers is personally chosen by her.

Lennon’s photographs will be featured in select HR stores, but they can also be ordered online. Open and unsigned editions, the works are very large, four to seven feet wide with frame; regular prices range from around $ 2,700 to $ 6,200. Lennon says he hasn’t given up on the music concert, however; his new album is coming out next year.


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