Keep your data safe online by following these simple steps

Keep your online data safe: As of today, all our important information is present on the phone, computer or laptop. All of this makes our lives easier. But a small mistake can make our Data available on line thus putting us in a dangerous situation. Here, cyber expert Abhishek Dhabhai tells us what steps can be taken to secure our data.Also Read – Pandya Store Actress Simran Budharup Receives Rape Threats From 14-Year-Old, Filed By FIR

What measures should be taken on the phone for data protection?

For Data protection on the mobile device, register your 15-digit code IMEI number. In the event of theft or loss of a mobile phone, this number will be useful for filing a complaint with the police. Use automatic locking to lock automatically or you can enable keypad lock using password/security pattern. Also Read – Online Job Fraud Awareness: How Fake Job Search Websites Can Steal Your Money

Use the PIN to lock the SIM card, so that the SIM card is not misused if the device is stolen. Use a password to protect memory card information. Never leave your mobile device unattended. Switch off apps (camera, audio/video players) and connections (Bluetooth, Infrared, Wi-Fi) when not in use. Back up data regularly. Also Read – Quick Steps to Copy Text from Photos on Android and iPhone: Full Guide Inside

Accept all cookies or not?

We shouldn’t accept cookies of all types of websites. With the help of cookies, all your important information is also transmitted to these websites. Later, they can also abuse it. To avoid this, only cookies from the trusted website should be accepted. It is best to refuse cookies whenever possible.

How to block spam?

There are two ways to block unwanted calls and messages. First, go to the messaging app and type start and send it to 1909. Another way is to call 1909 from your phone. Activate it Do Not Disturb (DND) Service following the instructions over the phone. With these two methods, incoming calls and messages on your phone will be significantly reduced. With the help of some apps like Truecaller or call blockers, you can detect spam. Although it is completely free of malware, it is not necessary.

Many apps request access to our photos and messages. If it is not given, we do not get full access to the application. Where to complain about that?

The decision to give approval is yours. The more access you grant, the greater the risk to your data. There’s no way to complain about it.

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