Kid3 Semi-Automatic Audio File Marker



Kid3 is a versatile and convenient audio tag editor for Windows, Linux and Macintosh computer systems. The program offers options to edit and convert various formats of ID3 tags. Supported formats include mp3, flac, mp4 and wma, among others.

The main selling point of the program is probably the integration of several online music databases. This includes the popular services MusicBrainz, Discogs and Amazon, and a few others.

You can load individual files or entire directories into the program after startup. Both options become available by clicking on the File menu. The program sorts music by album name automatically after you have made your initial selection. The menu at the bottom left of the screen offers directory browsing options, ideal for quickly switching between music directories.

Clicking on any album or song displays the file and tag information on the right side of the interface. Here it is possible to manually change the format or the individual tags. Format templates are available for making quick changes to individual file or folder names.

You can also access the supported music databases, this option is available in the File menu of the menu bar.

import tags

Simply select one of the available services. A search form is automatically displayed after the selection. Artist name and album name are filled in automatically. Just click on search to search the database.

import mp3 tags

A red background color indicates data that does not match a particular file, which can be of great help if the search returned multiple album versions. The import options are very powerful, and support for multiple online databases increases the chances of finding specific albums in any of the supported databases.

You can also right click on any individual file in the interface and use the context menu options available from there. This ranges from finding an album or song cover on Google Images to playing the file looking for lyrics or the album or song on Amazon.

The program’s Tools menu contains additional options that some users may wish to use.

audio software

It is possible to convert ID3 tags, add numbering system to selected tracks, rename album directory or apply file name or tag formats.

Kid3 is a powerful audio tag editor. It has a few usage issues here and there, but the overall product is high quality and regularly updated. Users who wish to take Kid3 for a try, can download the latest version of their operating system from the development project website on Sourceforge.



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