Les Petits Mandarins in Montpellier have created an online game to learn 5 African languages



The Little Mandarins. Offers Many online games To learn Chinese, English or Russian. Montpellier leaves for Learn five African languages On the occasion of the Franco-African Summit. Simply register online for free in a few clicks Globe speaker. The games are based on Audio recordings that should be paired with good writing. The voices are the voices of the speakers who follow Les Petits Mandarins on social networks. “We have received a lot of feedback and enthusiasm from our followers in Africa” says Vigdis Herrera, president of Little Mandarins.

Introduction to the five African languages

Five African languages ​​were chosen from over 200 existing languages Lingala, Wolof, Zulu, Amharic and Swahili. “We tried to choose according to the differences linked to the geography of the places and especially with regard to the number of speakers present” Vigdis Herrera justifies. Do you remember entering information About African languages ​​in France: “We lack the resources to learn African languages. Then “The vocabulary should be relatively uniform as these are spoken languages, so the spelling is not necessarily static.”

Games for beginners

“Initiation is aimed at both children and adults curious to open up to others” Vigdis Herrera confirms. You can’t win something or get a diploma that certifies the level of the language in games, but the main thing is to learn while having fun. Besides the games, a Free Dictionary and Courses show.

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