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How to listen to the MP3 stream?

MP3 is a popular audio format that is played in many different audio players, so that more people can easily listen to WMHT-FM and WEXT online. Real Player will play the MP3 stream, but you don’t have to have Real Player – you can listen with any MP3 player. If you use Windows Media Player, click here for Windows audio stream. For most other players, choose MP3 stream.

Having trouble using the Sonos Controller for Mac or PC?

You can use the Sonos Controller for Mac or PC to add a radio station that does not appear in the radio guide. You must know the streaming URL and the station must use the MP3 streaming format.

How do I bookmark audio streams from WMHT-FM?

Windows users: In your browser, right click on this feed link (, select “Save target as / Save link as” or “Add to favorites”.

Mac users: Drag the link to your desktop or control-click and select “Download link to disk” or “Add to favorites”.

What audio is available online?

WMHT-FM and WEXT-FM are broadcast live online, which means you can access current programming. The laws of the recording industry prevent us from archiving our music programs.

What do I need to listen to WMHT-FM live broadcast?

WMHT-FM and WEXT are broadcast in two formats: Windows Media and MP3. Since you are reading this page, you are probably on a device with an internet connection. The computer should also have a sound card and speakers or headphones.

To listen to our MP3 streams, you need one of the many audio players that can play streams in MP3 format. Our favorite of free MP3 players is Apple’s iTunes (it also plays on Windows, not just Macintosh). There are also free versions of WinAmp and Real Player. Follow one of these buttons to download the free MP3 audio player of your choice:

Download iTunes
VLC Media Player

To listen to our Windows Media streams, we recommend that you download the latest version of Windows Media Player for your operating system. It’s free and there are versions for Windows and Macintosh.

Download Windows Media Player

Sometimes the sound cuts off when listening to the live stream. Why?

This usually means that there are temporary internet issues somewhere between our audio servers and your computer or mobile device – they often resolve themselves within minutes. You may also hear interruptions in the sound if there is a problem with the hardware or software of your computer / mobile device or if your internet connection is very slow.

I have the hardware and software that I need, but I cannot connect to the WMHT stream. What can I do?

Listening capacity may be reached, which is why it is important for users to disconnect from the stream when they have finished listening or when they are away from their devices. Please try again later. If you continue to have problems, please let us know.

I have read / tried all of this and still have streaming issues. What should I do?

Send us an email and we will try to help you. In your email, please include as much information as possible:

• Which WMHT streams you are having problems with (Windows Media or MP3; WMHT or WEXT)

• Your Internet connection (DSL, broadband, modem, etc.)

• The platform running by your computer (MacOS, Windows, Linux, etc.)

• The audio player (and version) you are using (iTunes, Windows Media Player, VLC Player, etc.)


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