Livescribe and Evernote Bring Notes and Audio Online



Livescribe and Evernote Bring Notes and Audio Online

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Livescribe and Evernote have partnered to provide users with access to written and spoken information via the web, mobile devices and PCs.

Livescribe said its new desktop software allows customers to upload their notes and audio captured with a Livescribe smartpen directly to their Evernote account.

Users can select notes and audio from Livescribe Desktop to import them to their default folder within their Evernote account. They can choose to send notes pages (.png file), accompanying audio sessions (.wav file), or both to their Evernote account.

Byron Connell, Livescribe Marketing Director, said: “A lot of our customers have requested this capability. Livescribe is dedicated to improving the way people capture, access and share information, and will continue to identify strategic partners, like Evernote, where software integration will allow consumers to derive even more value from our technology while using their favorite business applications and information management tools. . “

Evernote CEO Phil Libin said, “Livescribe has done an excellent job of streamlining the process of digitizing handwritten notes. Now, with the integration of Evernote, these notes become a searchable and always accessible part of your Evernote memory.

“Our two products bring together the best of analog and digital technology,” added Libin.


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