Load any audio file into Castro by dropping it into an iCloud folder


Podcasting is like radio, only better.
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One of our favorite podcast apps, Castro, just added two really awesome new features that are not yet available elsewhere. The first is the ability to load any audio file into the app, simply by dropping it into a folder in your iCloud drive. The second lets you preset the podcast chapters you want to listen to.

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castro isn’t the first podcast app to let you add and listen to your own audio files. Overcast has been doing this for a while. But Castro’s method is much simpler. Instead of having to create an account and then use the browser to download the file, just drop your files into the Castro folder in your iCloud drive. They will automatically be imported into the app’s inbox.

It’s a great feature. You can drop anything into it, from DRM-free audiobooks to downloaded lectures, recordings you’ve made yourself, or even many tracks you’re currently working on.

How to use the Castro chapter preset

The other new feature of Castro 3.1 is the chapter preselection. Many longer podcasts are divided into chapters, making it easy to skip sections that don’t interest you. With chapter preset, Castro lets you tap chapters to flag which ones you want to hear (or ignore).

This will likely be used by listeners to avoid hearing advertisements. This in turn could cause podcast makers to stop separating commercials into their own chapters. But for now, that’s another very smart feature.

Now is a great time for podcast listeners because there are some great apps we can use. Apple’s Podcast app is a good all-rounder, with more features than most people will need. Overcast aims to make the listening experience as good as possible, eliminate silence, and improve audio. And Castro is based on sorting out new episodes and queuing them up. These new features from Castro fit perfectly into this design goal.

Price: Free with in-app purchases

To download: castro from the App Store (iOS)

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