Missouri Made Rescue Dog Children’s Book On Store Shelves (AUDIO)


A new book on store shelves has an important message for kids. “Roscoe to the Rescue” explains some of the ways dogs can save people and how dogs and people can save each other.

The book is a decade-long labor of love by author Stacy Morse of Columbia.

Image courtesy of Stacy Morse

“It was really exciting to finally hold it in my hands,” said Morse. “Like so many other people, when I come home with my dogs, it’s the best part of my day.”

She explains how the book came to be.

“It was my brother’s dog and yes his name was Roscoe after Rosco P. Coltrane in ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’. He’s a little black lab pooch that was found by the side of the road and brought to his job. My brother took him home. Then I ended up having a really bad day. I went to my brother’s house and said, ‘I’m taking Roscoe.’ He said, ‘Okay,’ so I took a nap at Roscoe for about a year, ”she says.

Image courtesy of Stacy Morse

Morse is a former elementary school teacher. So she knows a thing or two about how important it is for children to learn to read.

“This book is great for babies, toddlers, elementary school kids because really, you want to start reading to kids as soon as you can. If you think about the number of words children hear in a house where there are no books compared to a child who is read for even a few minutes every night. This is why children come to preschool with such different skill levels. So this is a great book that very young children can enjoy, as well as throughout elementary school. What is really special about this book are the beautiful illustrations by my illustrator in Macedonia. When I was directing her to what I wanted in the illustrations, and even when I was writing the words, it was really important to make sure that every name, every action was shown in the pictures because those picture hints help strengthen reading skills for children, says Morse.

Image courtesy of Stacy Morse

Morse says the book represents everyone and teaches children how to be good citizens.

“It’s multicultural,” she says. It was really important to me that the characters didn’t look alike throughout the book. You don’t just get a book about dogs, you get a beautifully illustrated story about how we can save each other and how dogs can save us. I think there are a lot of great books out there, but this book is one that kids will want to read over and over again and hopefully continue the lessons they learn in the book in real life.

The book has several corresponding teaching aids.

“Having the audio version means parents can buy the e-book or the paperback and then have the audio version that reads the story to the kids. So that reinforces the words and the enrichment guide. He has coloring pages. It contains word search, parts of speech, exercises, and discussion questions in activities that accompany a book.

“Roscoe to the Rescue” was written, published and printed in State Show-Me.

It is available from Downtown Book & Toy in Jefferson City. It is also available, with other corresponding materials, at roscoetotherescue.com

To listen to the full interview, click below.

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