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WELCH — A man who taught at a local school was indicted by the McDowell County grand jury in February 2022 for soliciting a minor over the internet.

Noah B. Mitchem, 28, of Bluefield, was charged with two counts of computer solicitation of a minor, according to the filing released by the McDowell County District Attorney’s Office.

The case began on May 29, 2021 when Private RL Jones of the West Virginia State Police Detachment Welch received a complaint from a mother that a Mount View High School teacher, Noah Mitchem, had proposed her child to use Snapchat while the minor was at home. , according to the criminal complaint.

There was no listing Tuesday for Mitchem in the school’s faculty directory. Superintendent Carolyn Falin was unavailable Tuesday.

Jones said in the report that he obtained an audio statement from the young man who has since graduated. The miner said that between December 1, 2020 and January 1, 2021, he was at home playing a video game with a friend when Mitchem was added online to the game. Shortly after, Mitchem said added the juvenile to Snapchat.

The miner said the conversations “innocently started with video game-centric conversations,” Jones said in the report. Between January and February 2021, “the tone of the conversations started to change and Mitchem would send him memes that explained photo requests and others that were sexually explicit. The minor said that in January 2021, Mitch proposed to him a sex act, telling the minor he would give her $500.

The minor said he turned down that request and Mitchem “said he could possibly give him $800” to perform a sex act, and the minor again turned him down and “told him there’s would think for a billion dollars; however, he was joking and said that to divert the conversation.Then the youngster told Jones that in February he removed Mitchem from Snapchat.

In his report, Jones said the miner recalled that in mid-May 2021, Mitchem added him to Snapchat “to congratulate him on his upcoming high school graduation” and on May 19 or 20, 2021 , “proposed” him for sex again. The miner said the only social media platform through which they communicated other than talking while playing online video games was Snapchat. The miner said he never added Mitchem on Facebook or provided his cell number and never met Mitchem; all communication was done on Snapchat.

Jones said he received information from Snapchat where he found the meme Mitchem sent the miner with “noodles” spelling out explicit photo requests and showing that the messages were sent from Mitchem’s phone.

Under the West Virginia Code, computer solicitation of a minor is a felony punishable by two to 10 years in prison.

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