No room for debate over digital content of online versions of newspapers: Editors’ Council

The Council of Editors said there was no room for debate over the distribution of digital content on newspapers’ online platforms.

In a statement on Saturday, June 11, the council said the advancement of newspapers lies in combining print and digital formats, as the impact of the digital revolution around the world has posed a new challenge to the industry.

Information Minister Dr. Hasan Mahmud recently said that newspapers were not allowed to broadcast talk shows and videos on their online platforms, as per their statements.

Rejecting the motion, the council said newspapers around the world continue to strive to retain readers and build new audiences by adding new digital content.

The government has also initiated the online news portal registration process under the National Online Media Policy-2018 (Revised-2020) for Newspapers.

According to the Council of Editors, the print media is facing the unfavorable situation created by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“While the written press is relevant, there is no denying the rise of digital platforms. From now on, the reader can no longer be satisfied only with newspapers or electronic newspapers, but also with an audio-video format with new content, news, interviews, features and news based on analysis,” their statement read.

The Board of Editors also noted that presenting digital content with interpretation, analysis, research and opinions on relevant news published online or on social media is also an important affiliation for news houses.

Earlier this week, ATCO demanded law enforcement stop the airing of “talk shows” and all kinds of videos on newspapers’ online platforms.

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