Non-emergency police line, back online after being hit by Vodafone outage


Police are among call centers affected by a Vodafone outage this morning (file photo)

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Police are among call centers affected by a Vodafone outage this morning (file photo)

Police number 105 is back online after call centers across the country were hit by a Vodafone outage this morning.

A police spokesperson said line 105 had been down since 7:30 a.m. Friday morning, but some calls were still going through.

Police typically receive 3,500 non-emergency calls per day. It is not known if services have been restored to other call centers.

Gay Cavill of the Inland Revenue Department said his call center was also affected by the Vodafone issues.

Sometimes calls wouldn’t connect and when calls were going through the audio quality was poor, Cavill said.

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The IRD’s problems had started just after 7 a.m. and, at 1 p.m., were still unresolved.

Cavill said the IRD call center typically receives thousands of calls per day. The previous Friday, the call center received more than 4,000 calls.

Metlink Wellington and Dunedin City Council have also reported being affected by the breach.

Vodafone spokesperson Nicky Preston said the company was working urgently to resolve technical issues.

“Calls are expected to resume as usual very soon,” Preston said.

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